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Simple Silly Answered Prayer

So earlier today the kids and I went to ALDI and my sweet girl child found a cute little porcelain tea set that she said world be perfect for playing with her dolls. I told her we couldn’t get it today, maybe next time – there were 7 of them.

Fast forward about 6 hours later, I go back by myself because I forgot something for dinner. I go to grab one of these tea sets for her — AND THEY WERE ALL GONE!!! I began searching through every box and shelf looking to see if someone had put one in the wrong spot. I began praying, “Please God, just one. I need to find one. Please let someone have set one down in a random spot. Please!” I know it’s silly, it was just a cheap $5 tea set. but the excitement and joy that was on her face when she saw it… I just really wanted her to have this. I wanted to see that joy and excitement again on Christmas morning… 

So I began making my way further down the aisle, still looking behind each box, under things… Still praying… Then imagine my shock and amazement when sitting on top of popcorn was not one, BUT TWO, tea set boxes!! “Thank you Jesus! Praise you God!” I said right there in the middle of the aisle. I took a quick photo because I wanted to share this answered prayer with you all. 

I wanted to remind you that no request is too small for God. He cares about the little things. He loves us. Every thing about us. He will experience joy, when I experience joy, when my daughter experiences joy as she opens this simple gift on Christmas morning. 

As a parent I enjoy giving my kids gifts. We don’t do it often, so they are special treats reserved for birthdays, Christmas, or random special occasions. And if I receive so much joy in doing this, how much greater is the joy of my father in answering what was such a simple and (in my opinion) silly prayer. 

So yes, thank You God for loving me, for loving MY sweet daughter, and for hearing me when I cry out to you in the grocery store. What a sweet and precious reminder that You are always with me, and You hear me. 

A gathering place.

** This post was inspired by the new book: Listen, Love,  Repeat by Karen Ehman which releases November 15th! You can purchase a copy at **

I am thrilled to be a part of another launch team for one of my favorite authors – Karen Ehman. You may recall when I had the opportunity to be on her Hoodwinked team. 

This time I get to preview her book Listen, Love, Repeat. Let me tell you – It’s a game changer! This opportunity has come at a perfect time, because I’ve been praying for God to help me be a better friend. I love my friends, and I’m certain they know this. I’m a great listener, and I love nothing more than to have the privilege to pray with them… But I want to be good at the little things… I really want to go beyond the ordinary. 

This book is helping me to see ways to do just that. I loved learning about “heart drops” in chapter one. 

As a launch team we have a different photo challenge each week. Our first week, the theme was “gather” and I do hope that you will read the book and find out why this was so special. 

As I thought about my home, and if there was a special gathering place there, I decided to look through the pictures on my phone and it became obvious that we spend a good bit of time gathered on our bed in the master bedroom.

This may sound odd, but hear me out. It’s a place to read bedtime stories and pray each night. It’s a fun place for indoor picnics and family movie time during the hot summer months. It’s a place to spread out and do school work. It’s a place of comfort when there is a storm or a bad dream. It’s a place to snuggle and cuddle and rest. It’s a place to be silly. It’s a place that is safe. 

And not just for us and our kids. It occurred to me that often times when we have friends over, the females will migrate to our room to visit, while the guys gather and talk in the livingroom and the children run around and play. 

Also a few years ago I hosted a Bible study at my house with some girlfriends and we choose to watch the DVD in my room do we could stretch out on my bed and be comfy. 

As this realization came to me, I was moved to tears. I was remembering another bed that was a gathering place. 

You see, my mom has a best friend that I lovingly call my aunt. They have been friends for about 45 years and are like sisters. They love each other fiercely. And some of my favorite memories of growing up is going to this families house.

It was always welcoming and fun. There would be great food, and fun music. There would be laughter and love. But what I remember most is that the ladies would gather in my aunt’s room to visit while the men stayed in the living room visiting or watching a show. The kids (me and their youngest daughter – who by the way, my kids now call aunt) would run around and play…

I always wanted to join them, and sometimes we could, but we usually got bored and ran off to play again. I remember thinking – even at such a young age – that that was a special place. A special time for the adults. I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could hang out with my mom, her friend, and the older girls. 

Now, I realize I’m creating the same special environment in my own home, and it warms my heart.

So what about you? Where do you gather with loved ones? I would love for you to share your story in the comments, and be sure to pre-order Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman (available November 15, 2016).

The glory of God.

My heart is broken. I’ve cried, oh how I have cried. 

All you have to do is turn on the television, or log into your social media of choice and you can see and read about the consequences of sin and our fallen world. 

It makes me ache. I’ve been sick to my stomach. My heart has ached to the point that I thought it would burst with grief. It literally, physically hurts. I couldn’t stop the tears if I tried. I was overcome with fear.

This past week, when I was overcome with fear, I cried out to God. Praying for Him to take that fear away from me. For Him to strengthen my faith, my trust in Him. (“I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” Something I find myself quoting fairly often.) I prayed for His precious Holy Spirit to help me recall verses of truth from His holy word to get me through this time. I cried and prayed for those that were hurting more than I. For those grieving far worse than I was. For those in charge. For those hurt. For those persecuted. I prayed. I cried. The Holy Spirit brought verses to my mind to help me fight off the fear… Isaiah 41:101 John 4:7-21Ephesians 6:10-18Philippians 4:6-7… Among others.

Two days later I found joy, as I often do, through my precious little girl. We had finished dinner, and were playing a new board game together as a family. We had the blinds to our windows open so we could enjoy the sunset and the birds that frequent the feeders we keep stocked with seeds… It was a pleasant evening. The sky was turning a beautiful pink and our daughter asked if she could step out to see it in person. When she came back in she told us it was sprinkling. As it got dark, it did indeed rain for a few short minutes. The kids asked if we go out side, because they love puddles, so we did. As we stepped outside I was overwhelmed by the smell. It was something I can’t describe, but it was beautiful and wonderful. I asked my children, “Do you smell that? It’s the smell of a summer rain and I love it!” My daughter grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the eyes, and said “No momma, it’s the smell of the glory of God.” 

Then she ran off to play with her brother in the wet grass and together they made footprints on our driveway, yet I just stood there. Speechless at the profound comment my daughter, who is just 7, had made. The words I needed to hear. The weight that those words lifted off of me. The peace that passes understanding that embraced me like a lovers hold. 

Thank you God, for once again using my children to teach me more about you.

From now on, when I smell that wonderful aroma after a summer rain I will be reminded of The Glory of God.

Photo cred @ Krissi Bentz – thank you!

Journey to Joy

I am on a journey. My destination is joy. If I can keep my focus on Christ, then I can overcome the obstacles that block me, distract me, discourage me. Honestly though, I often lose my focus.

Perhaps you have this same problem. I call it my “oooh shiny” problem. I want to keep my eyes on Jesus. I want Him to lead the way. I want my hearts desire to be Him. But unfortunately the “shiny” things in life draw my attention. The computer, my smart phone, my family, doing for others, house work. Things that can and should be used for good, but I allow them to steal my joy.

I’m guilty of spending too much time on the computer and with my phone. I don’t know why, besides boredom. Distraction from the things that need to be done. Like dishes and laundry. It’s easier to escape in the land of social media than it is to deal with what needs to be done.

It starts off innocently enough. “Oh I’ll just see what’s going on while the kids eat/play/sleep etc.” Then I see an article that I want to read. Oh, and look at these cute pictures of my friends kids. Oh, and I need to read up on this subject. Look, this store is having a great sale, and Christmas is coming… The next thing you know an hour (or more) has gone by. I’ve not started our lessons yet, or cleaned up the kitchen from the last meal, or done the laundry shuffle. Now I’m not joyful, I’m crabby. I’m mad at myself for getting sucked in yet again, and now my day is slipping by. My time with my kids is passing, and I will not get that back. Now I feel rushed and frazzled, and it ripples off me and affects my entire family.

Sometimes my distractions are “good” things. Like serving my family. As a stay at home mom I know that it is my job to take care of the home, my husband, my kids. But I HATE doing most of the work this job entails. My mother, she loves washing dishes — by hand. It brings her peace an joy. I did not inherit this. We have a dishwasher, and I still hate doing dishes. Laundry — It will be the end of me. I wash, forget. Rewash, forget. Wash again, add vinegar to help with the smell, finally remember to put it in the dryer. They stay there until we run out of clean undergarments or towels… I do not find joy in my “job”. Sometimes the kids are wild and crazy. Disobedient. Rude. I feel like I am not doing a good job. Am I to blame for this behavior? No. My children are responsible for their actions.

However, my attitude in this area affects my family. When I am grouchy and mumble and complain about these things I am not only setting a bad example for my kids, I am not showing them sacrificial love. When I serve my family in our home, especially by doing things that I truly HATE doing, I am giving of myself, and loving on them. I am learning ways to find joy in serving my family in our home. I am allowing my kids to help me with dishes and laundry. It won’t hurt them to do some simple chores, they need to learn these skills, and honestly — I need the help. It allows us time to talk, laugh, sing together. They enjoy it! My daughter actually asks to help with these things. My husband and I will fold laundry together while we watch a show after the kids go to bed. This allows us some down time together to talk and just enjoy each others company. They all help me. This enables me to do my job with a joyful heart. They do not look down on me, or speak harshly to me for my short comings. They encourage me. They lift me up. They help carry the load. This brings me joy, and when mommy is joyful, the home runs more smoothly.


I obviously have weaknesses, shortcomings, even addictions. I struggle with laziness. I even have health issues to deal with. But it does not have to steal my joy. I am learning to embrace my calling. Overcome my strongholds. Call out my sin for what it is. When I recognize these things and pray and ask God and my family to help me – then Joy is easier to find. It’s easy to choose joy when I have the support of my family. However it is a journey. It is a choice. I have to make the decision to turn away from the “shiny” distractions. I have to choose to serve my family with love even when I don’t like what I have to do. I have to humble myself, admit I have a problem and ask for help. I have to lay down my pride – I can’t do it all, and guess what? I don’t have to. It is a daily struggle. I am not joy filled every day. When I let my downfalls take control my whole family suffers. Then I get mad at myself. Then I have to drop to my knees. Pray for help. For forgiveness. Make a choice. Will I choose to wallow, be grouchy, mopey, etc? Or will I choose joy?

This years Bible verse – 2016

If you follow my blog, then you know that for the past two years I have attempted scripture memory. You should also know that for the past two years I have failed miserably at my goal.

While I did not achieve the goal I set forth, I would not call myself a failure. I did memorize scripture. I did learn. God did show me truths in His word that I did not know before. I just didn’t do it the way I planned.

Which brings me to this year. My year of silence. I’m going to stop trying so hard to do things the way I “think” they should be done. I’m not going to jump in and do what my friends, or other bloggers and authors suggest. (While I do respect them in their ventures, it’s just isn’t for me.)

I’m going to be still. Be silent. Listen to God. How does God speak to us? Through His word. So that is going to be my focus this year. I’m just going to be silent, study His word. Spend time with Him, and listen to what He has to say.

Here is my verse for 2016 – and if it is the only one I memorize, that is ok!
bible edited

What to name 2016?

I’ve prayed about naming my year off and on for a few months, but haven’t felt led in any particular direction. It’s as if God is being silent on the subject.

Speaking of silence – my house is anything but!!

The constant questions.
The bickering.
The “momma” – “momma” – “momma” – “mom”  – “mommy” – “momma”………
The laughing.
The stories.
The jokes.
The singing.
The running.
The dancing.
The jumping.
The yelling.
The clapping.

It’s not all bad, it’s mostly good.

It’s just loud. And constant.
It seems chaotic all the time.
I can’t think because they want my attention – ALL – THE – TIME.

If they would just be silent. And listen. And obey…

OUCH. Did that sentence step on your toes at all? No? Just mine?
Ok. Let’s run down this rabbit trail…

I wonder how many times my Father hears my constant questions. My bickering, My “me, me, me, me, me”, my laughing, my stories, my jokes, my singing. How often am I running, dancing, jumping, yelling, or clapping when I need to be still. To be silent. To listen. To obey? It’s not all bad. It’s mostly good. But it’s loud. And it’s constant. It leads to chaos, and I can’t think because my brain is going ALL – THE – TIME.

My prayers are hurried because I’m in a rush and I’m just plain tired. I don’t hear God speak – not because He is silent, but because I am not.

I don’t stop long enough to be silent… to listen… to obey.


2016  will be my year of SILENCE. To meditate in and on God’s word. To be still, and hear what He has to say.

“When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm.” – Mark 4:39 NLT

Maybe I am like the wind, in need of being rebuked. I need to be silent. To be still. Listen to the voice of my Creator.
Then, THEN, I will find my peace, my calm.

Hoodwinked – A Book Review

I was recently selected to be a Launch Team Member for the release of the book “Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe, and Why We All Need To Knock It Off” – written by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.

Hoodwinked Team Pic
Yall… This book is going to change some lives. I know, because of the way it has impacted mine.

Do you struggle with trying to do it all? I used to — Well, I still do (I’m a work in progress…)
Kids HelpDid you expect mothering to come to you naturally, and for it to be easy? Then low and behold, it didn’t, and it’s not. I remember just a few weeks ago I came to my husband crying and said “I wasn’t made for this job” – referring to motherhood, and being a stay at home mom and wife. My husband was quick to point out that that was a lie from Satan, and that I was the mother my children need. The wife he needs. God made me for this, and He will help me. (See, I told you I’m a work in progress!)
Recipe 2It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, and judgement (especially thanks to social media). Thinking that YOUR way is the RIGHT way… Ouch – I’ve been there. It left me feeling bitter, and inadequate. In an effort to be transparent with you, I will admit that I had to bite my tongue just today when talking to a friend who has a different opinion than I do on a certain parenting “hot topic”. I had to make the choice to listen to her, and to not go into one of my passionate rants. Grace…
place and graceThese are just a few of the topics (myths) discussed in Hoodwinked. Each and every one of them resonated with in me. You can visit amazon and “look inside” the book and see the table of contents so you know each myth addressed.

Reading “Hoodwinked” has brought me freedom, joy, and peace.

Say YesGod’s timing for this project was perfect, and I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to receive an advance copy of “Hoodwinked”, and to get to know the lovely ladies – authors, and other mothers who were also a part of this team. God has used this opportunity to bring healing into my life. I feel I am a better mother, and better equipped after reading this book. God is going to do great things in the lives of the women who read Hoodwinked. I know, because of the way He has impacted me through it. I truly had a heart change when reading this book.

Thank You, God, for allowing me to be a part of this team. Thank you for granting Karen and Ruth the wisdom and words to write a book that will be used for Your glory. Satan is working so hard to break down the family unit, and I thank You that You are fighting this battle with us, and for us. I truly believe Hoodwinked can be used as a tool in our battle. We must fight for our family. We must seek You. I don’t claim to have it all figured out, and I am far from perfect, but I know that You are by my side. I know that You will use this book to help equip other mothers, just as You have used it for me. Thank You Father!

I believe the best take home message of this book is summed up in this photo…

To order your copy of Hoodwinked visit Proverbs 31 Ministries or your favorite Christian book retailer.

**I was selected to be a member of this launch team and received a free advance copy of the book. I was not paid to endorse this book nor do I receive compensation for any sales as a result of my review. This is just my honest opinion and review of this wonderful book.**

Have you met The Wild Brothers? (A DVD review)

I was recently selected to receive copies of the new DVD’s from Answers in Genesis – “The Wild Brothers”. I have received DVD 1 “Welcome to our World” and DVD 2 “Jewels of the Jungle. I was given these to review for my blog. All opinions are my own. I have not been paid to write this review, and the links are not affiliate links. I share them because I want to, not because I am paid to.


I’m just going to be up front and honest – I LOVE these DVD’s! 

In “The Wild Brothers – Welcome to our World” we are introduced to a homeschooling missionary family – Mike, Libby and their 4 boys – Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher – who are a part of New Tribes Mission and have gone to serve in a remote jungle of a Southeast Pacific Island. They live among the Wano people, whom they have built relationships with. This first DVD gives us insight into their life, their world. We learn about the joy and hardships that come with the great commission.  It is good for my family to see how people live in other parts of the world. An area that is complete different from anything we know, or have been exposed to. Yet this family has gone and made this their home. They care for these people. They work together, learn together, eat together. Beginning with the book Genesis, they teach these people about God our Creator, and through this they are able to share the Gospel. We see how the Wilds have used natural resources to build their home – literally from the ground up. We are introduced to their pets – orphaned animals they have taken in to care for. We also learn that they are there to build an air strip so that these people have access to things they need, like medical supplies.

The second DVD “Jewels of the Jungle” is my children’s favorite. In this episode, the Wild family share with us how they collect and study different insects in their jungle. We get to go on an adventure with them to a river where they collect many different butterflies.They also do a night-time collection, that is so much fun to watch – but I personally would not want to be a part of! 🙂 Some people may read this and ask how collecting bugs can help spread the Gospel… But really, it is a wonderful way! What better way to introduce someone to our Creator, than by pointing them to His creation? By doing this, you spark a conversation which will lead to questions, which lead to an opportunity to share Jesus. It is beautiful.

These DVD’s have some fun bonus material. They also both come with a discussion guide to help spark conversation within your own family, or with friends. They also share additional resources available to you and your family.

I encourage you to get these DVD’s for yourself, or as a gift. They truly are fun to watch, and really get you thinking about life on the other side of our world.

You can learn more about this family through their blog and by “Liking” them on facebook.
You can also go to
And of course you can find these DVD’s and many other fascinating resources and articles at Answers in Genesis.

I know where my help comes from…

When thinking about this post, I had several songs come to my mind…
“I am weak but thou art strong…”
“Our God is greater, Our God is stronger….”
“If you see me on my knees, it’s not because I’m weak – I’m getting stronger…”
“Jesus, He loves me. He loves me. He is for me…”

If you are family or friends, and you follow me on facebook, you may have seen that I’ve been “sharing” things about weakness, and prayers for homeschool families (moms).

It may seem like I am mopey, and maybe I am. I get this way this time of year, every year. Or at least for the past 12 years. This makes number 13.

My husband returned to work this week. He is a teacher, so he has been home all summer. I get really spoiled during the summer. You see, my husband is my best friend. He is more than my lover, my provider, my partner. He is my friend. My very best friend. We were friends before we even started dating, and that has carried into our marriage. Yes, I’ve read the blogs that say your husband shouldn’t be your best friend… and I just have to disagree, and move on. Anyway, I digress…

My husband returned to work this week, and we started our homeschool year this week as well. Yeah – What was I thinking? School is actually going very well. I’m really excited about it this year. I’m excited about our choices for curriculum. (Another blog for another day…) My daughter, on the other hand…. Not so much. She really likes daddy being home too. And she would much rather play, than do school. Can’t say I blame her. I’d rather play than clean house – can I get an amen?

So even though I’ve had to put on my teacher hat this week, I’ve still been mopey. Blah. Bummed. So what do I do to combat these feelings? I turn to the Word of God. I’ve been studying the Psalms of Ascents with my weekly Bible study group over the summer, plus there is a song with this verse in it – and that is how I memorize scripture, through song – so it should be no surprise that this verse popped into my mind this week as I was feeling blue.

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lordwho made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

I also shared this verse on facebook: “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29

We all have emotions we have to deal with. Fear. Anxiety. Love. Hate. Joy. Discontentment. Blah… But trust me when I say, I know where my help comes from. Do you?

Thank You, Lord, that in my weakness, You are made strong. When I struggle through this life, I can life my eyes to You, and call upon Your name for help. We are not promised an easy life, but we are promised that we do not have to go through life alone. When I get mopey, help me remember my blessings and focus on things that bring me joy. Being a SAHM is hard, but I thank You that You knew exactly what I needed and gave me a wonderful husband and friend who encourages me and is more than willing to help me. I am not alone. Thank you for my children, who are wild, and fun. Who are loud, and messy, but bring me great joy. Thank you for my husbands career. He is using the gifts and talents you created him with, for the purpose you created him for. He loves his job, and it is my prayer that he will be used for your glory where you have placed him. Please forgive me for selfishly wishing he could just stay home with me and the kids all the time. I know you have a purpose for him, and I pray that he blesses others, just as he is a blessing to our little family. Thank you for calling me to be a homeschool mom. It’s hard. It’s not always fun. There are days I want to quit. But I trust You. You called me to do this, and you will never leave me. You will equip and strengthen me. I love you, Lord. Thank you for being my help.

Lessons from a Banjo

Lessons from a banjo… Not something I ever expected, but that is often how God works, isn’t it my friends? God teaches us things in the most unexpected ways. Meeting us where we are… and right now, I am listening to a lot of banjo…

My husband has wanted to learn to play an instrument for a long, long time. I bought him a guitar on our 2-year “dativersary”. That was 13 years ago. It broke this past summer, right when he was finally starting to get the hang of a few chords. It would cost more to get it fixed than what I paid for it, so he has gone with out while trying to figure out what he wanted to do…

Enter the banjo. My precious has always loved bluegrass (and therefore, I have also learned to love bluegrass) and has often said that once he got the hang of his guitar, he would like to learn to play the banjo. So when talking about how he missed his guitar one day, the subject of replacing it with a banjo came up, and he started researching and finally found the one he wanted. It is a Goodtime banjo, by Deering. Maybe that means something to you, it doesn’t really to me, but it makes my man happy, and I’m covered on the gift department from now through Christmas 😉 Happy Dativersary, Valentines, Anniversary, Father’s day, and Birthday my precious!

If you have ever learned to play an instrument, you know that you have to trudge through the baby steps to get to the fun stuff. My precious is struggling with that right now. Right now he is having to work on technique and mastering the “Brush Stroke” and “bum ditty” – when he really just wants to bust out some “I’ll Fly Away” or “Cripple Creek”. He keeps trying to play the songs, when he just isn’t ready yet (he hasn’t even had his banjo a week), but in his heart and mind he can “claw hammer” like a boss. One day he will be able to, he is determined to succeed, and I look forward to the day we can sit around with our kids singing some great bluegrass gospel tunes, and some fun folk songs, but in the mean time he is going to keep trudging through the boring baby steps so that one day he will soar.

It’s the same thing I struggle with. It dawned on me this week that his struggle and mine are one in the same. We want the fun, the rewards, the goal or prize, but we don’t really want to have to take the baby steps to get to it. In my mind I understand that the hard work must be put in. That grit, determination, hard work, and prayer are what it takes to succeed. But I have a goal! I see the prize – and I want it!! I want it so bad!! Just like my husband wants to be able to just pick up his banjo and strum a beautiful melody, but he just can’t yet. It’s going to take hours of time and practice, broken fingernails, and broken strings. The same goes for me. It’s going take time, hard work, prayer, determination.  A can do attitude, a willing and joyful spirit. It is going to take me getting out of my comfort zone. I’m going to have to “get busy“.

Life is full of baby steps to get us where we need to go. A baby must first learn to lift its head, then it rolls, then it crawls, then it pulls up, then it walks, then runs… The baby steps never really end do they? You have to learn letter shapes and sounds before you can read. You have to know basic math facts before you can solve complex problems and formulas in math and science. I am teaching these lessons to my children, and in turn God is using them to teach me as well. Just like he is using a banjo to teach me a valuable lesson, even though I am not learning to play it.

If I want to lose weight, I am going to have to eat right and exercise. Is it fun – no. Is it worth it – YES.
If I want to build my Healthy Home business I am going to have to stretch out of my comfort zone. But is it worth it? Yes!
If I want my children to obey, and develop godly character, good morals, and habits – I am going to have to teach them. I am going to have to set the example. I am going to have to be firm and consistent. Is it going to be hard – yes. It it worth it – YES!
If I want a clean house, I am going to have to break bad habits, and get up and do the work! I have to get rid of the clutter, actually take things to the dump or donation sites. Will it take time and hard work – yes. Will it be worth it? YES!

It is like that with all of life. Relationships take work. Marriage is hard work. Raising kids is hard work. Even friendships take hard work. Nothing in life is easy. We have to decide what is worth the hard work, and we have to pray for God to give us strength, because I know that there is nothing I can do on my own. I need Him!

That is what I have learned from a banjo.

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