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Hoodwinked – A Book Review

I was recently selected to be a Launch Team Member for the release of the book “Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe, and Why We All Need To Knock It Off” – written by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.

Hoodwinked Team Pic
Yall… This book is going to change some lives. I know, because of the way it has impacted mine.

Do you struggle with trying to do it all? I used to — Well, I still do (I’m a work in progress…)
Kids HelpDid you expect mothering to come to you naturally, and for it to be easy? Then low and behold, it didn’t, and it’s not. I remember just a few weeks ago I came to my husband crying and said “I wasn’t made for this job” – referring to motherhood, and being a stay at home mom and wife. My husband was quick to point out that that was a lie from Satan, and that I was the mother my children need. The wife he needs. God made me for this, and He will help me. (See, I told you I’m a work in progress!)
Recipe 2It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, and judgement (especially thanks to social media). Thinking that YOUR way is the RIGHT way… Ouch – I’ve been there. It left me feeling bitter, and inadequate. In an effort to be transparent with you, I will admit that I had to bite my tongue just today when talking to a friend who has a different opinion than I do on a certain parenting “hot topic”. I had to make the choice to listen to her, and to not go into one of my passionate rants. Grace…
place and graceThese are just a few of the topics (myths) discussed in Hoodwinked. Each and every one of them resonated with in me. You can visit amazon and “look inside” the book and see the table of contents so you know each myth addressed.

Reading “Hoodwinked” has brought me freedom, joy, and peace.

Say YesGod’s timing for this project was perfect, and I am so glad to have been given the opportunity to receive an advance copy of “Hoodwinked”, and to get to know the lovely ladies – authors, and other mothers who were also a part of this team. God has used this opportunity to bring healing into my life. I feel I am a better mother, and better equipped after reading this book. God is going to do great things in the lives of the women who read Hoodwinked. I know, because of the way He has impacted me through it. I truly had a heart change when reading this book.

Thank You, God, for allowing me to be a part of this team. Thank you for granting Karen and Ruth the wisdom and words to write a book that will be used for Your glory. Satan is working so hard to break down the family unit, and I thank You that You are fighting this battle with us, and for us. I truly believe Hoodwinked can be used as a tool in our battle. We must fight for our family. We must seek You. I don’t claim to have it all figured out, and I am far from perfect, but I know that You are by my side. I know that You will use this book to help equip other mothers, just as You have used it for me. Thank You Father!

I believe the best take home message of this book is summed up in this photo…

To order your copy of Hoodwinked visit Proverbs 31 Ministries or your favorite Christian book retailer.

**I was selected to be a member of this launch team and received a free advance copy of the book. I was not paid to endorse this book nor do I receive compensation for any sales as a result of my review. This is just my honest opinion and review of this wonderful book.**


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