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Oh the irony… 2015

Hey friends – I had this in my drafts, hoping to have it ready to go for the 1st. But due to health, and then a death in our family, I neglected to post it. I still don’t have it looking like I want, but I’ll come back and edit it later.

Last year I decided to join my friends in their tradition naming of their year, and was amazed at what God revealed to me in my year of “Discipline” – 2014.

So when a phrase came to me a few months ago (like a slap in the face) I knew it was God preparing my heart for what He has in store for me for 2015.

What did I name this year?

Get Busy

Ha! So it really shouldn’t surprise me that in the year that I am supposed to be getting busy – working on breaking my love affair with being lazy – I have spent this whole week sick and in bed unable to be a productive member of society. (Thankfully, my husband has been home and has been taking care of everyone, and everything – he is a keeper!)

My goal for this year, is that whenever I get the urge to be lazy – to say to myself “Get Busy” and use that as motivation to break my bad habits. When I am sitting on the couch, but haven’t set aside time to work on my Bible study lesson… “Get Busy“. When I am letting my kids watch a show but we haven’t finished (cough*started*cough) school yet… “Get Busy“. When I am checking my facebook feed, but there are dirty dishes in the kitchen, or clothes that need washed/dried/put away… “Get Busy“. When it is a beautiful day and I send my kids outside to play, but I stay inside… “Get Busy” – get outdoors and play with those babies! Time is flying, I don’t want to waste any more time than I already have. It is time for me to “Get Busy“!

I am still praying about a verse to go along with my year. I am not attempting scripture memory, at least not in the form that I did last year, since that didn’t work for me. But I do have a few ideas floating in my head. One of my “Get Busy” goals for the year is to blog more, so hopefully I can share these ideas (and more) with you soon. In the meantime, I hope you are all having a blessed New Year!


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4 thoughts on “Oh the irony… 2015

  1. Yay! 👏 I love this, Amanda.

    BTW, although I dis finish the scripture memory challenge (there’s a story), I decided I took on too much. So we are doing Beth Moore’s challege (much sinpler) and it includes a get together in Houston in December. On board ao far: Rene’, Becca, Erin, me. It’s only 24 verses (of your choice). Youvhave to revite 12 there. That’s only 1 a month.

    What do you think? 😁

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