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2014 – A Reflection

I wish I had taken better notes this past year. Blogged more. Kept a journal. Even wrote better facebook statuses. (Statuses? Is that even a word? Stati? Status?) Anywho…

God has really worked on my heart this year. I feel as though I am a new person. That I have finally “grown up” so to speak. I’ve always been an old soul, so I don’t mean that I’ve grown up, as in laid aside my childish ways. I guess I mean that I’ve grown spiritually, in confidence, in maturity. I am finally figuring out who I am. Who I want to be. Who God wants me to be. I am comfortable in my own skin. I know who I am in Christ, and nothing can break that.

While I am still flesh and bones, I still get weary, I still stumble – I will not be broken, or down for long. I know whose I am, to whom I belong. You can’t shake Him.

I named this year (2014) “discipline” – I came into it expecting change. Instead I was humbled. I was broken. I failed more that succeeded. But you know what? I am a better person for it. It has prepared me for this time in my life. For this season. For my new year. New goals. New name. I cannot wait to share with you my 2015 name, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me in this next season. He has already laid some things on my heart. It’s going to be hard, but I’m ready for His will for my life. When I try to take control, I fail. It’s time for me to follow.

There is a great song by Jesus Culture that I heard for the first time this year. It is called “Come Away” and this is what it says:
“I have a plan for you
It’s gonna be wild
It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be full of Me”

So come on, God. I’m ready. Let Your plans, be my plans. Your will, my will. I want to be full of You.


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2 thoughts on “2014 – A Reflection

  1. Nice. Love me some Jesus Culture. 🙂

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