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You Might Be The Momma If… Part 2


Ok friends. I was going to wait a few days before posting another #youmightbethemommaif blog, but after our son woke us up at some ungodly hour of the night, and I couldn’t go back to sleep, I decided it was a sign to go ahead with my next planned post…

You might be the momma silent night

Our children are 6 and 3. For the most part they sleep through the night. They wake up early though. Every. Single. Day. Which would be why I’m not an early-morning-quiet-time kind of person. (See previous post.) However, even though they sleep through the night, there are often times (such as last night) when they stay up later than mom and dad can. (What? Parents are supposed to stay up past 8:00 on a school night? Not in this house!) There are some nights, for example: last night, when momma and daddy are exhausted. We worked and played hard all day. The kids should have been tired. We put them to bed, set the timer, and went and laid down ourselves. We fell asleep before the kids timer went off… When it did, my husband went and told the kids lights out. They continued to play and talk and laugh. The husband fell back to sleep right away. I usually can’t sleep if I know the kids are still awake, but eventually, I couldn’t stay awake either. I think it was about 9:00. I couldn’t tell you what time they finally fell asleep. I assume before 10:00, simply because they’ve never stayed up much later than 9:00. However around the 1am hour we hear the boy call out “daddy!” to which Poppa Bear got out of bed and stumbled down the hall. “What?” He asked at the boys door. “I want you.” The boy replied sweetly. “No. Go back to bed.” Said the grouch Poppa Bear. I watched the monitor by my bed to see how the boy would respond. He did not cry, but climbed back into bed. However he was awake. The grouch Daddy climbed back into bed, and was snoring again before his head actually touched the pillow. Mean while I prepared to watch the boy for a while. As I said, I have a hard time sleeping if I know that kids are awake. Plus I’d started sneezing (another post, for another day). I watched him sit in his bed and play and read for over an hour. He finally laid down, so I went back to sleep. I awoke about an hour later to find him sitting up in his bed playing again. So I watched him again, for as long as I could. He eventually fell asleep. He and his sister were up bright and early (6:30) happy and ready to eat and play. Momma bear, not so much. However it was time to get our day started.

I’m well aware that this time will pass all to quickly. One day they will be gone, and I will miss these nights of hearing them play together well past their bed time. I will miss watching them in the monitor. While they do usually sleep all through the night, it hasn’t been that long ago that we were doing round the clock feedings. Middle of the night diaper changes. They still come climb into bed with us most mornings – but I wouldn’t trade that cuddle time for anything… well, as long as momma and daddy weren’t planning on some morning cuddle time of our own 😉 #keepingitreal

So on this momma’s Christmas list, is the wish for a silent night. What’s on your list? I’ve got at least 2 more planned to share with you, so check back soon!


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