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You might be the momma if…

In my quest for #keepingitreal – I’ve decided to do a series of post called “You Might Be The Momma If…”

My first few post are going to be Christmas inspired, as we are in that “most wonderful time of the year”.

You might be momma if 2
Have you ever read the directions on a bottle of shampoo? Most say “lather, rinse, repeat.” In our house, I feel like my days go: laundry, dishes, repeat! I’m learning to embrace it though. In case you haven’t read my previous post, God is working on my heart. I am learning that instead of having that picture perfect quiet time with the Lord – you know – where you get to sit outside while the sun rises, the birds sing, and a fresh new day comes alive. When you listen to some praise and worship, or hymns, then spend time in prayer, or in the Word of God, and really focus on Him before the hustle and bustle of your day gets going… Yeah, that’s just not reality for me. I’m not a morning person. God didn’t wire me that way, and I have come to peace with that. If you are one of those that enjoy your mornings with God and His amazing creation, along with a nice hot cup of coffee – more power to you! I am learning to pray while I load the dishwasher. To praise God with the laundry. To be ok with the fact that I didn’t get my Bible study lesson finished before my group meets (again). I am learning to embrace the person God made me to be – a wife, who adores her husband. Who may not always remember to set something out for dinner (speaking of which…), but who is always willing to listen to her man when he needs someone to talk to. To follow him, and allow him to lead our home. To love him passionately, and with purpose. To respect him.  To be a mom who loves her kids no matter what. Even when they take a full week to clean their room (which could have been done in 15 minutes if they would just get busy!!!!!) Who seeks to teach them about Jesus, and sin, and why we need a savior. Who actually just realized this past week, that after years of telling people that God did not call me to be a teacher (when they would assume that was my profession, since it is my husbands profession) that I am indeed a teacher! It just took a year and a half of homeschooling for me to realize that lo and behold, I am a teacher! Who knew? God did. He knows all the plans He has for me. And if I seek His will, and ask Him to make my hearts desires, His hearts desires, I just might even learn to love dishes and laundry. Until that love happens though, it’s at the top of my Christmas wish list 😀

Just keeping it real folks. What is on your “mamma” Christmas wish list? Stay tuned for more of mine. Have a blessed day my friends!


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