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A fresh start 2014

**This post contains referral links to the Teach Them Diligently conference. If you register using my link, my family will earn TTD Bucks which can be used in the exhibit hall at their next convention.**

I love summer. It is a time to reflect. It is when my husband is home for 2 months. It is when I can relax and breathe. We enjoy quality family time. Trips to the park or the zoo. Picnics, walks, water… It is a time to be thankful for all that we have. It is a time to plan and to dream. I love summer.

This year we were blessed to attend the Teach Them Diligently Conference {referral link}. Several of the sessions I attended really got me thinking. One in particular spoke to my heart about my role in our family. God created me to be a wife and mother. I’ve known that for a few years now, but for the past year I have really felt broken about it. I’ve felt like a failure. I’ve known what my problem was, yet seemed chained to my sin and unable to break free. I’ve spent time in prayer and in tears begging God to help me, only to hear silence. I’ve known that God has heard my cries, and I know that He will answer my prayers. He has taught me before that His timing and mine are not always the same.

I’m finally ready. I’m finally to the point of turning over my sin to God. To allow Him to change me. To change my heart. To use me in the home, as He designed me to do. My role as home maker, wife, and mother should be one filled with joy. It should be a joy to serve my family. I am to do all things as unto the Lord. Is it really so bad to be doing dishes 25 times a day? Is another load of laundry really going to be the end of me? I used to enjoy cooking, what happened? I’ve been lazy. I’ve gotten into the habit of being lazy. It’s time to break that habit.


The reason I’ve felt God has been silent is because I wasn’t truly ready to hand over my sin. Being lazy is a sin. Like all sin, it seems fun. I thought it brought be happiness, but in reality it was breaking me, and if I’m completly honest, it was breaking my family. I wasn’t spending quality time with my kids. I wasn’t taking care of my husband or our home. It took brokenness to finally make me admit that I have a problem. That I need God.

God used the Teach Them Diligently Conference {referral link} to speak this truth to me. To open my eyes to His will for my life, I have had this over whelming peace. I know it is from Him. It is His Spirit giving me what I need, so that I can fulfill my role as wife and mother. As teacher. As lover. A friend. A helpmate. A playmate. An encourager. There is so much more to me than just being a stay at home mom.  Joy is a choice. I am handing over my sin, and allowing God to make me new. I choose joy. I choose God’s will for me. Will there be difficulties? Yes. But I will choose to find joy in the journey. Thank you Jesus for baring my sin, in this particular case – my laziness, on the cross. Because of this, I can be forgiven. I can be made new. I can find joy. Thank you.


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