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The Wild One is 3!!

Luke 3 8X10


Our Wild One is turning 3 today!! WOW, how time flies when your chasing a monster day in and day out 😉

He has grown and matured so much this past year! He is finally talking – real sentences, real conversations!! He is remembering things, and bringing them up later. He is a picky eater – thank God for PB&J! (Never, ever thought I’d say that!) He loves anything his sister loves. She is his favorite friend. He loves finding left over empty Easter eggs and running up to me and saying “AAAAHHHH!! Jesus gone!!” Then running around yelling “Jesus is ALIVE!!!” He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES animals! Gorillas are a current favorite, but depending on the day it could be a polar bear, orangutan, hippo, rhino, seal, tiger, lion, bear… you get the idea. He also loves dinosaurs, and roaring! He has started singing. He loves his mommy. He got his first buzz cut this year (sadly, it was due to a bad “snip” when I was cutting his hair.) He loves to wrestle with his dad. He HATES bugs! (“Ah! June bug eat me!!”  –  “Ah!!! Ski-hawker going to get me!!”) He is a wiz-kid with blocks, patterns, puzzles, and building things! He is a tiny guy. We just put him in 2T clothes, simply because that was what his next set of hand me downs were. He has ZERO interest in potty training. He loves to be read to. Books with animals, dinosaurs, farms, pets, “look and find” or hidden picture type book, are always a hit! He is an “oily kid” – as in he loves when his mommy uses essential oils on him, and ask for them daily. He also asks for his vitamins everyday. He enjoys “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” – but not the new ones with the new theme song, it scares him. He enjoys doing “school” which means puzzles, pattern blocks, “Signing Time” and “Your Baby Can Read” dvd’s. He is super cheesy for the camera. He is full of energy, joy, and life. He is my boy, and I love him.

Luke Bday Collage

Thank you God for this precious child that you have gifted to me. He is so much fun! He may wear me out, but it is oh so worth it when he hugs me and says “I love you mom.” Thank you God, for choosing me, to be his mommy. For trusting me with him. Father, help me to show him You in all I say and do, help me lead him to Your Son. I know you have great plans for this little wild one, and I cannot wait to see how You use him for Your glory.


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