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Valentines meal for under $10?

I recently read something on facebook that caused me to remember this “note” I had written several years ago. Perhaps because I need the motivation to get going on our debt snowball again, or perhaps it’s another lesson in discipline. Whatever the reason, I thought I’d share the note here. Also, I wonder if my husband is up for the challenge again? 😀 Enjoy!

February 15, 2009 at 9:05am

Valentines Meal For Under $10??

Yes, it can be done!! Those who know us really well know that Cody and I are doing our best to kick debt’s butt! We’ve been doing a great job too, but I’ll save those details for another note, for another day.

Anyway, we decided to challenge ourselves not to go out to eat for an entire month, instead sending the money we normally would have budgeted for out to eat, to debt. Which means… no going anywhere for Valentines Day.

We were still able to have a very nice meal. Steak, salad, baked potato, rolls… same thing we would have gone out and gotten.

Granted, Cody and I are not huge steak connoisseur’s, which means we did not buy huge chunks of expensive steak. Plus, we have a bad habit of over cooking them and making them slightly tough, so we don’t spend too much money on them. LOL! Which is why we normally go out to get them….

Anyway, here is a break down of our meal, and the money we saved doing it at home.
– Steak (eye of round) 2 for $4.60 (a cheap steak can be GREAT if seasoned and cooked properly – the food network taught me that!)
– Salad – 3.18 (now let me interrupt to say that I LOVE SALAD. Normally I spend about $25 just on salad stuff alone, but since we are saving money, I cheated and bought the bag kind, choosing a nice “spring mix” of lettuces).
– Baked potatoes $2.50
– Rolls 5.00 (the kind that come frozen, but you have to set them out to rise…)

Yes, I realize that that comes to $19.88 but hear me out…

– Steak $4.60 for TWO
– We only used about 1/3 of the bagged salad – $1.06
– A bag of potatoes come with about 10 in them making them $0.25 each so for 2 = $0.50
– We used 8 of the 32 rolls in the bag (5/32=.14*8=$1.12)

So let’s re-add everything… 4.6+1.06+.5+1.2=$7.36

So we had a very nice, romantic Valentines dinner at home for less than $10!! Yea us! I may never go out to eat again….. well, let not get carried away here. LOL! Plus we saved on gas money too!!

*disclaimer* we already had the “fixings” for the salad and potatoes here at the house, because those are “staples” that we keep stocked at all times.

** I would also like to note that Cody did an AMAZING job cooking the steaks, those were some of the best steaks I have EVER ate!!


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