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Mommy’s Club

Did You Know?

God has presented me with another opportunity to reach others with something I am passionate about! Remember, earlier in the year, when I hosted my Healthy Child Healthy World party? It was a great event, and well received by friends. I got to share my heart about toxic chemicals, and GMO’s and the dangers they present to our families.

Now, I get to be a part of Mommy’s Club!

What is Mommy’s Club?

It is a Member Buying Club offering members Organic, All-Natural, Toxic Free products – that are better than retail – at retail competitive pricing, that rewards you for recommending Mommy’s Club products to your friends.

Are they affordable? Yes

Are they REALLY Toxic-Free? Yes, & certified

Are they made in the USA? Yes

Do I HAVE to purchase them every month? No, but we have a handy autoship option to things easier for you, if you so choose.

Are there only baby products right now? No, adult products as well!

Is it like Costco or Sam’s Club in terms of being membership based? YES!

Is there free shipping? YES, on ALL orders over $50

Can I just be a customer and try them out? Absolutely!

Where can I look at more info about the products?

Friends, family, strangers who happen upon my blog – I am so excited about this company. You WILL be hearing much more about it on my blog in the months to come. I’ve always been a dreamer. I get fired up about things that I hold near and dear to my heart. This is dear to me for the following reasons:
– Making my home a safe place to raise our family. Our world is full or toxic chemicals. In fact, babies are exposed to these in their mothers womb. No matter how hard we try to stay away from anything unhealthy during pregnancy. Trying to figure out answers to our own health issues is what lead me on this toxic free mission to begin with.
– Providing a supplemental income, to help alleviate some stress from my husband. Being a SAHM is a blessing, but it comes at a price. A price we joyfully pay. But it would be nice to get our debt snow ball back rolling. To have a fully funded emergency fund. To have a savings account. To pay off our home early. I don’t crave material things, I am content. But it would be nice to have a cushion. To not have to plan, and budget and save just to buy new sheets.
– I love supporting other SAHMs – I have friends who sell all sorts of things: jewelry, make up and beauty products, candles/burners/wax, bags and totes, essential oils… The list goes on. I love supporting them (as I can), because in doing so, I am helping a mom support her family. I am helping pay for dance lessons, sports uniforms, a dream vacation. I am helping someone I know and love. Of course, I’ve been approached about joining their teams. I’ve thought and prayed about it, but never felt led in that direction. I am passionate about supporting my friends, and now, I have found my spot. My place to be a SAHM and provide for my family. A place where I can provide dance lessons, sports uniforms, and dream vacations by doing I am passionate about.


I’ve found my passion. Toxic Free Living. It is a big challenge in the world we live in. But I am determined to make the small steps necessary for change. We began this journey over a year ago, by getting more cautious about the foods we were eating. Then we started watching what we were exposing ourselves to in the products we use day-to-day. NOW, we are part of a club that will make things easier for us. Toxic-Free. All-Natural. nonGMO. All words that make my heart happy. If I can earn points, or cash to help with expenses, that’s even better. I hope you will take a few moments to check us out. I know you will love what you see.

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  1. liliandruve on said:

    Good luck!

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