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Continuing with Heart of Dakota

We finished up “Little Hands to Heaven” this week (Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013). It was bitter sweet. LHTH has been such a sweet time, and we’ve worked through our guide for a full year. We took off from Thanksgiving, through New Years. Spring break. June/July…. I love having the freedom, and the option to choose when we do school. Taking breaks as necessary… She has loved doing school, but this last week we realized that she was beyond what we were doing. She’s ready to move forward. So we sped through the last few weeks of LHTH. We read all the Bible stories, and picked out the activities she would enjoy the most…

Yesterday we celebrated the end of “old school” and the beginning of “new school” (as she has been calling it).


Monday, August 12, 2013 will be our first day in “Little Hearts for His Glory” – and I cannot wait!! If you know us, or have read my older blog post, you know that it was with great prayer that we ended up choosing Heart of Dakota. This was not a decision we took lightly, and truly feel this is where God’s will for us is, in this season of life.

We will be doing a lot more in school this year than we did this past year (notice in the picture at the top of this post, LHTH only had 3 books – and a cd set not shown in the picture).

We, of course, will be using our guide from Heart of Dakota – Little Hearts for His Glory. (This link will take you to view sample pages from the guide.)

Part of what drew me to HOD was that Carrie (The author of the guide) had chosen many of the same resources that I was already leaning towards,  (in math, science, and handwriting for sure! I also love Rod and Staff.) I am too scatterbrained to organize all of this on my own. In the guide she has done all the work for me! It is all organized, tells me what pages to do each day, and has special activities to go along with what we are doing as well! This truly was a God send!



O is writing, and loves for us to write things for her to copy, so she will enjoy her workbook – A Reason for Handwriting – I am looking forward to this, because she will be copying scripture! How exciting! We chose workbook “A” versus “K” – simply because she already knows how to write all of her letters, and is wanting to write more words and sentences.

She will work on fine motor skills with Rod and Staff – I love their curriculum, it is so sweet! She will be working through: Do it Carefully, and Finding the Answers

In history we will be using History for Little Pilgrims and History Stories for Children – O has already informed us that she doesn’t like the History Stories for Children book, simply because it isn’t like her other books (full of fun, colorful illustrations) – However, she loves being read to, so I think she will end up enjoying it.

For Story Time we will be going through eight storybooks presenting the best-known Burgess tales! I cannot wait to share these with the kids!!

In Science we will be reading “The World God Made” and doing activities that tie in with what we read.

Math – we will be using Singapore Math this year. I’ve heard wonderful things about it, and look forward to going through it with O and The Boy – I’m hoping to learn from it as well, as I’ve read that it’s teaching style is different from what most of us were taught. Math is not my strong suit, God knew it wouldn’t be, and that is why He created Cody for me! 😀

Bible study, devotions, and scripture songs! Our favorite part of the day! In the LHFHG guide, there are two options for Bibles, we chose the Family Time Bible. (You are also welcome to use your own Bible, which we tried last year, but found that having the Bible recommended from the guide worked better for us.) The devotion is called Devotions For The Children’s Hour and the CD is called Hide ’em In Your Heart.

Phonics: We ended up going with The Reading Lesson – again, a choice that required much prayer, and listening for God’s guidance and direction. This decision was very overwhelming for me, and to be honest, I’m still not sure if we made the right choice. I let Cody lead in this choice, since he knows more about this than I do (his degree is in early childhood education, and he spent 9 years teaching K, Pre-K, and 1), and I trust that he spent time in prayer about it, and so I know I need to trust my husband, and trust God about this…

I believe this wraps up our choices for this school year. Whew…. It seems like a lot compared to the Guide, Bible, CD set, and Devotional we had last year. My girl is growing up. I’m glad that I will be able to watch as she learns not just the basics, but as she grows in faith as well. As she develops a love for learning.

Father, Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to stay home and educate our children at home. This is a blessing, and a privilege.  Thank You for guiding and directing us as we sought the right direction in the overwhelming world of curriculum choices. I know that this year will be full of blessings. I’m sure it will also be filled with ups and downs. I trust that You will lead us through each situation that comes before us. Thank You for my husband, who will take the lead our first week of school to help me get a grasp of what we are going to be doing this year, as we work out our schedule, and a wild 2-year-old at home, as well as other duties that come along with my job discription. Thank You for all You have done for us, and all You will do, as we continue to seek Your will and guidance in our lives. I love You.


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One thought on “Continuing with Heart of Dakota

  1. Judy Hernandez on said:

    It’s going to be a great year for all of you!! May God continue to lead, direct and bless you and Cody as you teach Olivia and Luke not only what they need in education but more importantly what they need to know about God and His Word.

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