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She is four, He is two


The day will come for Barbies,
and a ride on the big “choo-choo”.
Going to the movies,
and super heroes, too.
But right now they are both still little.
She is four, He is two.

She desperately wants the doll
by the name of “Caroline“.
However I keep assuring her,
her Bitty Baby is just fine.
She loves to play pretend,
Be a princess, doctor, pirate, friend.




He loves to run and scream and yell,
give a ROAR, a WOOF, a MOO!
Do flips across the carpet,
jump on beds and couches too!
He loves his mom, his dad, his sis,
His dog, and grandparents, too.


They love to jump in puddles,
and chase each other around.
I pray they are always friends,
and love each other with no bounds.
I also pray for the day,
When they understand sin.
And they cry out to their Savior,
who will love them, and be there til the end.


The day will surly come,
when mom and dad can rest.
I choose to cherish each moment,
For I am truly blessed.
These days will pass quickly,
This I know is true.
But right now they are both still little,
She is four, He is two.




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2 thoughts on “She is four, He is two

  1. I love my babies!! Great poem, honey!

  2. Judy Hernandez on said:

    Sweet poem. I love the way you love your babies!!

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