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I started writing this blog post last February, after I went to the dotMom event in Frisco, however I never finished it and it sat in my drafts for 4 months – Thankful for summer time, when I have a chance to play catch-up. Enjoy!

I was so blessed this past weekend by being able to attend the dotMom conference. The conference was this past Friday and Saturday – I actually won tickets from our favorite radio station 90.9 KCBI on Wednesday! So it was a bit of a whirl-wind making sure kids would be taken care of and getting a place to stay, etc. God’s hand was definitely in this, and it was clear that it was His plan for me to attend.


I arrived a little late (why they chose to start a conference for mothers at 1:00 in the afternoon is beyond me – that is my only complaint though!) but not so late as to miss anything major, just the introduction of the MC’s and a few worship songs. I still got to catch the last of the worship – led by Travis Cottrell (wonderful, and very talented!). It was dark when I walked in, and a lovely member of the “Mom Squad” helped me find a seat.

Then we began general session 1 – with speaker Angie Smith. Let it be known that I love this lady! In my mind, she is one of my best friends. I had hoped to get to meet her in person, but that did not happen. I first heard her speak at Women of Faith this past September. At the time, I did not realize who she was, but then when she was telling her story, it dawned on me, that I did know her. I was very familiar with her story. It had been emailed to me, I had read it (again) in my Bible study (Faithful, Abundant, True). I had prayed for her and her family before – with out really “knowing” them. So that is how I first “met” her, and have been her “friend” ever since. (If you do not know her, or her story you can click here for more details.)

I was so convected by her session. It seemed as though she was speaking straight to me. Dealing with some of the same struggles I am dealing with – and handling them much better. She inspired me. She told us what God had lead her to do, to deal with her struggles, and it made sense and convicted me in a very strong way. My take home thoughts: What is the subtext of the message I am sending to my children? (Ouch!)

Yes, I was definitely where God wanted me to be. Where I needed to be.

After our first general session, it was time for breakout session 1! A time I had been looking forward to!! You see, one of my favorite authors was there – Sara Horn! I first mentioned her in my blog last year, after reading her book “My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife” and I stalk her on facebook, LOL. Her session was based on her book, and it was such a great reminder of the fact that I don’t have to be perfect. Afterward I introduced myselft to her and she was kind enough to let me take our picture together!


Break out session 2 – This was a session on Preventive Discipline with Karen Alexander Doyle – This was a refreshing look at discipline – as I have said before, that is not my strong suite. I do not enjoy it (who does?), but I know it is necessary, and I need to be more consistent. I took SO MANY notes during this session – I think the main point that I took away was that I need to set boundaries and back them up. I need to be consistent. I need to teach my children to be responsible for their actions, and not enable them or make excuses for misbehavior. There was so much valuable information in this session!

General Session 2 with John Croyle – Ok, my husband and I are not sports people, so I had never heard of this man, maybe you have? However after just a few minutes listening to him, I was his newest fan, and had so much respect for him and his ministry. You can learn more about it HERE. My take home point from him? I need to pray that my children will be Godly, not just “Christian”.

That night we had a “Late Night Bash” where they were having give aways, and doing the cha-cha-what-not (where you hop to the left, right, stomp…). It was fun, but I went to my room for some quiet time with the Lord, I had much to discuss with Him, and needed the peace and quiet.

IMG_7316My “loot” 😀 I tend to go a bit crazy at conventions – my husband already knows this about me, and loves me anyway.

The next morning I had breakfast with a lovely group of ladies from west Texas, then we headed in for General Session 3 with Vicki Courtney – A wonderful woman that I had heard of, but was not familiar with. She spoke with us about that moment when “reality inturrupts our fairy tale”. We all have junk that we carry with us. We need to deal with it, “to check it at the foot of the cross, so that the enemy cannot drop it at our door.” She spoke of the women at the well (John 4:1-15) and left us with this quote from C T Studd (it is an excerpt from his poem) but it really struck me –
“Only one life, ’twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ will last”

My next break out session was with a wonderful woman named Sissy Goff on Raising Girls and WOW! This was fantastic!! She talked about how girls are relational, and we went through the different age stages, and how the relationships, and emotions and needs of each stage.

My next session was with David Thomas – he had also spoken about Raising Boys, but it was offered at a time when I chose to go to something else – I hate that I missed it, but I did get to hear him speak on “Understanding the Emotional Development of Young Children” – WOW!! This (and Raising Girls) was probably the best session I went to. I ended up buying all of David’s and Sissy’s books, and a dvd series to teach either at our church, or in our home – when God tells me it is the right time. My take home thoughts on this session? “We aren’t the only ones on an emotional journey, our kids are too! And their antenna is high.”

David and Sissy both work as counselors at Daystar Counseling you can find out more about them, and look into their books and resources HERE

Our last general session was with Priscilla Shirer – I adore this woman! I was just introduced to her this past year when the ladies at my church went through “Faithful, Abundant, True” – a fantastic study. We then did “Can We Talk?” – probably one of my most favorite studies ever. Anyway, at DotMom Priscilla spoke about Jesus’ first miracle. (Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana – John 2:1-12)  My take home note on this: A lesson in giving your best first, and discovering that it isn’t good enough – you have to look to Jesus!

I was so blessed in being given the opportunity to go to this event. It was a much needed time of rest, and growth. It was refreshing. I will make sure to budget to go again, at the next opportunity. Perhaps I will try harder to get a group to go. If you haven’t read about how it was that I came to go to this event, you can read about it HERE. This was a lesson in God’s timing, His grace, His mercy, His love, and His forgiveness. A lesson I am thankful for. Thank you Lord, for taking care of me, in my desprete time of need. Thank you for the lesson that my best, will never be good enough, and I need to be totally dependant on you, in all areas of my life.

Lord, help me to remember what I learned, and to continue to lean on you for strength and support – especially in this journey of parenthood. You have entrusted these precious children to me Lord, and I just want them to grow up to love you. The best way for them to learn that is to learn from my example. Help me to be the person that I want them to grow up to be. To love you. To depend on you. To serve you. To exhibit your character. To allow your fruit to grow in me. To shine for you, Lord. Amen.


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  1. I’m so glad you won those tickets. You were a renewed mommy when you came home!

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