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Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks a very special day – our 10th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years already!

We have experienced the joy of being newlyweds, the excitement of 1st jobs, the sorrow of death in the loss of a grandparent. We have dealt with fear of health issues, both our own, and our loved ones. We have experienced the blessing of buying our first home, and adopting a puppy to  fill it with noise and laughter. We have grown in our faith thanks to 3 wonderful churches that we have called home over the last 10 years. We have made wonderful friends. We have walked in the valley of infertility, and then we survived the pit of NICU. We have experienced true delight in the blessing that is our two children. God has always been with us. He has made us and our marriage stronger because of our trials, and He has showered us with blessings.

As I have been thinking about the past 10 years today, and in what way I could share what all was on my heart, I decided the best thing would be to share our wedding vows. No, not in a second ceremony. But here, on my blog. So please, enjoy.

Our Wedding Day June 7, 2003

Our Wedding Day
June 7, 2003

The Marriage Vows of

Cody and Amanda

I, Cody, take the Amanda, to be my wife in Christian marriage. I promise God, and I promise you, that I will be Christian in my actions and attitudes, I will serve the Lord with you; I will provide Christian leadership in our home. I will work to meet our financial responsibilities; I will be faithful to you and to you alone. I will weep with you in sorrow, rejoice with you in blessings, and be your faithful companion until Christ calls us home. I make this vow to you so help me God.

I, Amanda, take thee Cody, to be my husband in the Lord. I promise God, and I promise you that I will cherish you, I will obey you, I will love you, I will provide a shoulder to cry on, a heart that understands, a warm home for you to live in, and open arms for you to lean on. I will pray for you and encourage you; I will weep when you weep, laugh when you laugh, and be yours and yours alone until our Lord separates us by death. This I solemnly and joyfully promise, so help me God.


10 years and 2 kids later

Several people asked me at our reception if Cody and I had written our own vows. The answer is no, and yes…. My aunt had a book that she let us borrow that was all about wedding vows. We took bits and pieces of ones that we liked and put them together in a way that represented us, and our love for one another. I wish I could remember the name of the book, but I do not. If I come across it, I will post it here.

Also, more random trivia for you from this time 10 years ago: I was 19, Cody was 21 and he had just graduated a few weeks earlier from Texas A&M Commerce.

Our wedding was at 10 o’clock in the morning.

My wedding cake was the wrong color.

I am still in touch with my bridesmaids – in fact, last summer, my daughter got to be the “butterfly” (flower girl) for one of the “girls” that was in my wedding.

We honeymooned in a treehouse.

I wore a True Love Waits ring around my neck until the morning of my wedding, when I took it off to put on my pearls.


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One thought on “Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

  1. I love it! I remember that day like is was yesterday. I hope we have many, many more to come. Keep up the blogging, honey, I really enjoy reading them when I come home.

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