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You’ve got to go!

I struggle with lots of things. My weight. My hair. My children’s behavior. Being “that” mom or “that” wife. I struggle with whether or not I am doing things right. How my house looks, the food I cook for my family, am I playing with my kids enough…

After much prayer, I finally felt like God was leading me to cut some things out of my life.

1) Apps on my phone
I have deleted facebook and pinterest from my phone. I have been struggling for a long time, because I KNOW that I spend way too much time on both. It is truly an addiction. When I go to the restroom – I take my phone. When I let the kids watch a video – my daughter always wants me to sit and hold her, and I do, but I also have a grip on my phone. While nursing the Boy, I am checking things on my phone… I still have my accounts, but having to do them from our “real” computer (which we now have on a standing desk…) will drastically cut down on the amount of time I spend on these websites.

2) The Desk
My husband and I have been toying with the idea of a standing desk for a while, thinking that it would help us both cut down on our screen time. After all, we are setting an example for our children. So when our desk finally bit the dust a few weeks ago, we converted our mobile kitchen island into a standing desk. So far, it is doing a great job at helping both of us not to spend so much time at this screen.

3) People
You may be saying “What? People! Huh?” – just hear me out. Not all relationships are healthy, and sometimes we just have to let go. Sometimes we are exposed to things that are not true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8) and  we have to do what is right for us, for our family, and for our relationship with our Father. So if that means I have to make it where your “post” on facebook don’t show up in my news feed, then so be it. If I have to “unfollow” you on pinterest, then so be it. If I have to not attend a function or activity – for the sake of what is best for my family and my God, then so be it. I will do so, and not be ashamed.

These are the 3 biggies that God has laid on my heart. As I continue to seek Him in all aspects of my life, I am sure that He will continue to reveal things to me – that will help me become the person (friend, daughter, wife, mom…) that He has created me to be.


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