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More school with HOD

Have I said that we love Heart of Dakota? Because, let me tell you,  WE LOVE HEART OF DAKOTA (HOD)!!

Obviously my attempts of weekly blogging updates of our school year have failed. But I have been taking lots of pictures!! Allow me to share a few with you.


We built the temple


We worked on colors and sorting with M&M’s,
the boy got to help




Sometimes we reiterate what we have learned by watching the same story in our “What’s in the Bible” dvd’s (use this link to save 20% off your purchase:




The Boy likes to learn too 😀


Daddy celebrated “Read across America” at school, so we celebrated at home as well.


Our cat came to school with us this week 😀


Discussing idols – this was such a fun project!


Each week, we save the free ad-paper that comes, and let O go on a letter hunt, where she circles/highlights/colors as many of which ever letter we are on for the week as she can find.



Tracing our shoe… what could we be making?





It’s a whale!


Learning about Daniel – the writing on the wall, and the lions den!


She loves her Little Hands to Heaven guide so much, she reads it for fun!



We were supposed to cut out pictures from magazines of items that were blue – if you know me, you know that I do not cut magazines! Parish the thought! So we went on a color hunt – I even let O make this all my herself. I taught her how to open the app, and which buttons to push, and she did this (and a yellow one too) all my herself!

We are currently in Unit 22 in our guide “Little Hands to Heaven“. We go at our own pace – I follow her lead. Some days she loves doing school so much we may do 2-3 days worth of work in one day. Other times, she may go a few days just wanting to play and have fun – that is OK! She is little, so I focus more on letting her be a child and have fun and not forcing school on her. School, is just a bonus! Especially with all the fun projects we get to do. O will often come up to me and say “mom, we have to do a school project today!”

Her daddy tries to get involved as often as he can. In fact, we are toying with the idea of year round, or starting our school year in the summer type of schedule, so that he can be more involved in the kids school.

I am super excited because this past weekend my Precious and I went to the Homeschool Book Fair and we purchased our supplies for next year – Little Hearts for His Glory – I don’t want to rush this year, but I must say, I am super excited about what we will be doing next year!


Who wouldn’t be excited about all of this!

Part of what I love about this program is that it is easily adaptable. As you can see, we do a lot of fun things during the week. If ever I don’t have what a project calls for, it is really easy for us to do something similar, to get the idea across. Like with our Blue photo collage. What can I say? We love HOD!


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2 thoughts on “More school with HOD

  1. Molly on said:

    It looks like you have all been having a great time. My 3 year old is at the beginning of his journey with LHTH and we are loving it. My 7 year old is just finishing up LHFHG and it has been a tremendous year and you will have so much fun. Isn’t God so good bringing us to an amazing curriculum that brings joy to our little ones hearts.

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