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Camping with Dad

Having individual time with each of our kids is extremely important to my husband and I. We try for once a month having a “date” with O (a daddy-daughter date, and/or a mommy-daughter date). As the boy gets older he will get his dates as well. For now, he is happy playing blocks or throwing things at us. (The Boy has got a wicked throw!)

During his Christmas break, my Precious decided he needed a daddy-daughter date, especially since we knew she was going to have a hard time adjusting to him going back to work that following Monday. (She had been asking almost every day if he could just stay home with us forever. At the beginning of the Christmas break he explained to her that he would be home for two weeks, and showed her on a calendar. Her response? “Maybe FIVE weeks?”)

Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Before we had kids, my Precious and I loved going camping, hiking, kayaking. While I know there are those avid outdoor enthusiast who strap on the kids, and keep on trucking, we… are not that enthusiastic. We decided we could hold off for a while until the kids got a little older. We are hoping to start back up this spring,Ā  before the Texas heat kicks in.

We did try to go camping with the girl when she was about 15 months old. It… Well… It didn’t go so well. We ventured off to the closest state park (still 45 minutes away…) went to set up camp, and realized we forgot the tent poles. By that time, my Love was getting hungry, so I encouraged my Precious, to go ahead and cook them supper, and I would run home and get the poles. We still had enough time… Well… I got home and guess what? The tent poles were no where to be found. SIGH. I called my husband crying, and he said to just come get them. It was getting cold, and starting to get dark. Major camping FAIL! We have not attempted to go again since that horrible night. (Which also included my husband having to hold on to our Love while keeping the raccoons away – they just wanted a little dinner, lol! It’s better for my husband to relay that particular tale though. Imagine a brave knight, holding the damsel in distress in one arm, while fending off the evil-doers of the night with his sword in the other… it is similar to that šŸ˜€ love you honey!)

(Will post pictures of that adventure as soon as I can find them…)

This adventure went MUCH better!! They decided to camp in our back yard, to let O get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent, and in a sleeping bag. She had so much fun helping set up! They even made their own lanterns out of glow sticks! They bundled up in layers and had fun reading and playing in the tent. My Love had no problem going to sleep… She did however wake up shortly after 11, and wanted her mommy. So they came in and she got to crawl in bed with me. I think for their second outdoor adventure, it went really well.

Helping secure the tent.

Helping secure the tent.

Bringing out the sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

Bringing out the sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

Rolling out the mats.

Rolling out the mats.

Glowing Lanterns

Glowing Lanterns

Camping Date with Dad

Camping Date with Dad

My Love has been asking to go camping again, so that is good!Ā  We still don’t know how the Boy will do. He was more interesting in running wild in the back yard when they were setting up. I’m not sure we could contain him in a tent either… (Think Tasmanian Devil…) Maybe thinking we will be able to go camping with the kids by spring is being a bit optimistic šŸ˜€

The Wild Boy

The Wild Boy

What is important is that O got some 1-on-1 time with dad. Something I am so glad we started early. I still remember going on daddy-daughter dates with my own dad. We still go out, (although O usually goes with us, and that is fine with me!) and I am grateful for the relationship and bond that I have with my dad. I treasure the individual time I have always had with my mom too – shopping, going out to eat, manicures/pedicures…

It is so important for us to build these relationships early. To form that bond, and that trust. Our relationships with our children will change over the years, it is vital that we lay a firm foundation, so that *hopefully* we can make smooth transitions from one stage to the next. Praise God, that with Him, all things are possible! Whether those transitions are smooth or not.

These are a few more resources I wanted to share.
A Date with Dad
Making Memories

Making Memories

Making Memories


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