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All about my love

My love – aka “O”. This is my sweet girl. Our first miracle. I still can’t get over how much I love her!  November 5th my sweet girl turned 4 years old! How is it that four years have already passed?? It is crazy! She has changed so much in the past four years. It hurts to think about how much she is going to change still. But I know that I will love each future stage with her as much as I have enjoyed each stage we have already been through together, and the one we are in right now.

She is so much fun to be around right now. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It is so fun to sit and have a conversation with her. She loves playing VeggieTales (right now she is all about Incredible Vegetables, Vogue especially). She loves babies. Pretend play is big right now. We are always having to run, or jump, or hop, or dance… She enjoys watching Super Why, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Curious George (all can be found here), and Peep and the Big Wide World (click here). She likes to listen to VeggieTales CD’s (she really likes the Boyz in the Sink one), Jamie Grace, TobyMac, needtobreathe, The Coconut Hut Radio Show on 90.9 KCBI, Seeds Family Worship, and of course Na-Na-Oo-Oo (AKA – The Go Fish Guys). She loves water (both to drink, and to play in), her favorite food is a tie between fruit and junk, LOL – balance right? She will eat all the fruit in the house in one setting if I would let her, but she is also fond of pizza and M&M’s. She loves PB&J sandwiches. She has going from calling her brother “Lute” to “Lukey Pookie”

Some of her cute sayings are: “Oh my brother!” – “You are being crazy at me” – “You are kidding me” – “Are you serious?” – “Of course” – and my current favorite – “You little neaker!”

She loves to pray, and I love hearing her pray aloud.

She has got an incredible imagination!

She is so sweet, tender-hearted, kind, loving, generous, joyful, playful, creative, imaginative, caring, sweet… It just brings tears to my eyes.

She can also be quite stubborn, she doesn’t like to have her picture made so most of the pictures of her from this past year she is cutting her eyes to the side and has a fake smile. She likes some alone time, so at least once a day she will ask me to put the baby gate up, so her brother cannot go into her room while she is in there playing.


Since her birthday fell on a Monday this year, we made this past weekend “All about O”. Saturday we took her on a Mommy/Daddy/O date to the American Girl Store. (The boy got to stay home and play with his Gia all day.) WOW! If you have not ever experienced this empire known as American Girl – you are missing out (and saving money, lol!) It was such a pleasurable experience. My husband was a nervous wreck the whole way up there, but he ended up having just as much fun as O did!

We took her and let her pick out her own doll (a Bitty Baby) and then got some clothes and accessories to go with it. My husband kept pointing out EVERY SINGLE ITEM saying “Look at this O, don’t you like this?” or “O, did you see this crib that your baby can sleep in?” or “Do you want the baby, or the twins? Look, if you get the twins you get TWO babies!” Geez honey, I’m glad your excited, but we only budgeted so much for this trip…. 😀

He is a great dad, and not just because he was spending money on his girl (she would have been just as happy playing in a dirt pile somewhere), he is a great dad because he was filled with joy over his little girls excitement.

After we gave them our right arm in form of payment, we went UPSTAIRS where we had reservations for brunch in the American Girl Bistro. (Ooooo, fancy!) The service was great – both in the store and in the Bistro – everything was about O. They acknowledged us, but they focused on her. Talking to her. Making her feel welcomed and special. They lady who rang up our purchases made a big deal out of it being O’s birthday, and presenting her with her doll. Giving both O and her baby a sticker to wear announcing that it was her birthday. The host in the Bistro kept the conversation going with her while seating us, and placing her baby in a chair to dine with us. Our waitress made sure to learn her name, and spoke to O by name when taking our order and checking in on us. Of course they came and sang Happy Birthday to my sweet girl as well.

Another great thing is that when they brought us our “starter” of cinnamon rolls they also had a gluten free muffin for my husband! (When making reservations online you can check off any allergy information you need to include. I also reminded them, when we first sat down, just in case…). O had orange juice, and blueberry pancakes with bacon (she ate the bacon, and about two bites of pancakes), I had apple juice, my husband had coffee (is anyone surprised?) and we both ordered the frittata – which was excellent! My precious doesn’t even like eggs or mushrooms, and he LOVED his food, there was not a drop left on his plate.

We came home and enjoyed the afternoon playing with Gia and WoWo and showing off the new baby and all of her goodies. Then we did pizza and a movie for dinner. Sunday was church, and O and her baby wore matching dresses.

Then we came home and while the kids napped my precious and I cleaned, cooked, decorated and got ready to party! We had an Incredible Vegetables dinner and a movie party! First the kids all made their own Super Hero Capes that I had seen on pinterest. Then we ate and watched VeggieTales League of Incredible Vegetables. (I made homemade chili and offered hot dogs or Fritos with it.) When they were through with the movie we opened presents and then enjoyed cake and ice cream. (I had let O pick out her own cake and ice cream – rainbow sprinkles cake, with rainbow sprinkles icing, and birthday cake ice cream!)

It was a fantastic weekend! Filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and the joy of childhood innocence.

My love has grown and changed so much in these past 4 years. I hope the Lord allows me to keep these treasured moments in my heart, and bring them to the front of my mind often. I don’t want to forget anything, and I am terrified that I already have.

Thank you God for my gift of motherhood. Thank you for choosing ME to be O’s mommy. Father forgive me for when I fail her, for when I am not patient, or loving or kind. For when I get overwhelmed and tired. The moments are fleeting, and I don’t want to miss a thing about her childhood. She radiates JOY and I want to treasure and soak up each moment. Help me, Lord, to be the mother you created me to be. I cannot do it with out You. Use your spirit to guide me. To help me settle when I get riled up. Remind me that the difficult times will pass. Let me radiate YOU to her. When O sees me, Lord, I want her to see you. Help me to speak blessings to her. To enjoy her. To love her, as You love me – no matter what. I often have her repeat this phrase in hopes that she will remember it as she grows older “Mommy loves me – no matter what. Even when I make poor choices, mommy loves me. Daddy loves me – no matter what. Even when I make poor choices, daddy loves me. God loves me no matter what. Even when I make poor choices, God loves me!” Father, help me remember the same is true for me. I am not a perfect mom. I stumble each and every day. How ever you love me, no matter what. And what I tell her is true. I love my precious girl. She is a “good and perfect gift”. Thank you, God, for her and for each moment that I get to share with her. Help me soak it all in. Thank you, God, for all the blessings and gifts that you have given to her. She has the sweetest spirit, a kind and loving heart, a precious personality. God, she will do amazing things. You have gifted her, and prepared her even now, for the future that you have set in store for her. I cannot wait to see what You do in her life, and through her. It will be amazing, this I know. Help Cody and I to raise her in a way that is pleasing to you. That brings glory and honor to Your name. That brings her to know you, and to love you. Let her see You in each of us. I am so thankful to have your spirit in me to do this. Thank you, Father.


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