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Week 7 in school

The letter F – the number 7 and Moses 😀

That is what we worked on this week. We’ve all been battling the cold/allergy bug for the past 2 weeks or so. Sick husband, sick kids, sick momma = not a lot of school work happening.

We’re still playing and having fun. We are still learning. That is one of the many things I love about this program. It doesn’t take long to do, and it is fun! So even though my sweet O had a runny nose, and slight temperature, she was still wanting to play. So we did!

My little worker! Building with bricks just like Gods children did when held captive in Egypt. Learning “tall, short, wide, flat…”

I’m sure my husband could tell me the correct name for this activity, O and I just called it our Math Activity.

Creating a river, with tall grass and a baby in a basket.

Baby Moses in the basket, in the river.

While waiting outside for daddy to get home we did some playing with our shadows.

And the plagues begin!


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One thought on “Week 7 in school

  1. Love the pics! Keep up the great work, honey. I’m glad my kids get to learn everything they need to right here in our own home.

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