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Bountiful Blessings

I danced. I giggled. I was giddy.

“No one should be this excited over fruits and vegetables” my husband said.

But I was!

A dear friend had recently introduced me to Bountiful Baskets and I had fallen in love!

After all, who wouldn’t get excited over this?

My first ever Bountiful Basket!

Organic Upgrade Bountiful Basket

Avocados?!?! Seriously!! I was in heaven! Everything we would need for a salad. Oh, and those small green fruits, by the pears and nectarines are GREEN PLUMS – call me naive, but I didn’t know such a thing existed. In fact, my husband and I spent a good bit of time searching the internet trying to find out if they were ripe or not. We finally decided to just try them and let me tell you! WOW! Best plum ever! I even emailed the company that they came from to find out what they were called. They were very quick (and kind) to respond and told me they were Emerald Beauts. So now you know.

I could not chop the Emerald Beauts fast enough for my boy – he loved them!

The first week of my order, in addition to my Organic Upgrade Basket, I also ordered a fajita pack add on, and granola. The fajita packs came with the following:

I ordered 2, each came with 3 green and 3 red bell peppers, 2 onions, 1 head of garlic, chipotles, and dried red peppers.

So come on, who wouldn’t do a happy dance over all this delicious goodness?

Our pick up locations participates on A weeks, so I had to wait two weeks for my next order, but it was just as amazing! Here, let me show you…

Happy Dance for the produce!!

I’m seriously getting giddy just sharing this with you! Oh, how looking at this makes my heart happy! I LOVE FRESH PRODUCE!

Our first week, I ordered the Organic Upgrade – which we were VERY pleased with, but this time I decided I would try the conventional, just to see what the difference was. We were just as pleased this time around – I mean come on WATERMELON!! Who doesn’t get a little pitter patter going on in there chest (or belly…) over watermelon?

For add ons this week, I chose a flat of strawberries (8, 1-LB clam shells), the lunch box add on (more fruit), and the Italian veggie lovers pack. Are you ready to drool? You should be… Check it out!

This had 8 packs, but I shared 2 with a friend.

Extra Fruit

Mushrooms, eggplant, parsley, onions, shallots, garlic, zucchini, fresh herbs

Happy Boy!

A friend of mine ordered the pack of 24 lbs of peaches they offered this week, and we split it.

I peeled and sliced most of the peaches and put them in the freezer. I also chopped the strawberries, and froze all but one container of them as well. My kids actually love to eat frozen fruit, and I enjoy smoothies in the mornings, so this worked out great for us.

I am so thankful that my friend introduced us to this amazing co-op! We are eating the wonderful, healthy fruits and veggies that we LOVE, AND we are saving MONEY! Who doesn’t like a deal like that?

I hope I have spurred some interest, and that you will also check out this wonderful co-op and see if there is a participating location near you. I will also post some links that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

First of all – STUDY THE WEBSITE! Everything you need to know is there!

Find a location near you (they participate in several states, not just Texas):

Read the FAQ’s

No participating location near you? Consider starting your own!

I’m trying to generate enough interest in my town to start our own site. Right now we have to drive about 25 minutes to pick up our goodies, but it is worth it!


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