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We all have sick days…

Sick days… A fact of life.

Sick days = friends and movies in moms bed.

Hate when my babies don’t feel good, but love the cuddle time!

Both kids have been sick with colds/allergies. So the noses have been leaking like crazy! Then O didn’t want to review her letters “A-D” she was ready to learn “E”. So we compromised. Monday and Tuesday we read our Bible stories that we should have done for Unit 5, and picked a few fun activities to do. Then Wednesday-Friday we did Unit 6. Both weeks were about Joseph, so it was easy to combine them. Plus she can already recognize all the letters (upper and lower case) and can tell you the sounds they make, so I didn’t feel bad about skipping the review.

Even though they both have been clingy, and needy I feel like we still got a lot accomplished. Even with The Boy catching a stomach bug Thursday night/Friday morning (a time in which my appreciation for my husband grows by leaps and bounds as he cleans the vomit while I console and clean up the sick child – we make a great team, I’m just glad The Boy didn’t throw up anymore after daddy left for work).

Here is our week in pictures:

Coat of Many Colors

Dad helping with our math work this week.

O explaining to her dad about Joseph’s brothers selling him for coins.

Joseph in Egypt

Joseph becomes an important leader in Egypt.

We also adapted the “Joseph May I” activity into a “Joseph Says” activity, to assist in getting children who would rather play than eat to eat at supper time 😀

I also really appreciated the “Blessing” activity this week. While I do pray specifically for each of my children everyday, it was fun to teach them the importance of mommy and daddy praying for them.

So we are on to a new week! I can’t say often enough how much we are enjoying our journey through Little Hands to Heaven. I am so glad that God heard our prayers and guided us to this program. I love having fun and learning with my sweet girl.

Love my time with O


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One thought on “We all have sick days…

  1. I feel the same way about my husband in those crazy sick moments 🙂 Especially when they’re in the middle of the night 🙂 Sounds like your week went better than ours did with LHTH and I didn’t have sick kids as an excuse…just one very stubborn and very frustrating almost 3-year-old!

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