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HOD Week 4

This week was fun, and little different.

Since Monday was a holiday, we chose to make it a Family Fun Day! We usually do Family Fun Fridays, where we will do something “wild and crazy” like eat pizza and watch a movie from mom and dad’s bed in our pj’s. We will sometimes make interesting dinners or desserts. Play board games. Spend extra time outside… you get the idea.

But Family Fun Days – well, those just take things to a whole new level! This week we went to the zoo! We haven’t been there all summer, I guess since last May, because… well, because it’s been summer time in Texas – need I say more?

So we invited my brother-in-law (who is just 15) to tag along, and we met up with a dear friend and her son, who is just a month and a half older than my little boy, and we set out on our great adventure.

We got to see the new tiger cubs at our zoo!

We take a picture like this almost every time we visit our zoo.

This week was all about Isaac and His Sons. We had a great time with our finger play, the letter D, and the number 4.

Wednesday was a little off. We started back to Community Bible Study. I am very excited about this year in CBS! I’ve been nervous about it all summer. So I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer about it, and God has answered my prayers. (Another blog, for another time though.) Anyway, that takes up a good chunk of our morning, and then we come home, eat lunch, and it’s rest time for the Big and the Littles. So we waited until Daddy got home to do school. I let him work with O while I prepared dinner. This worked out really well! He was able to get in on the school action, which he really loves to do as much as possible. My favorite thing about today was when O and my precious were acting out the Bible story (the one when Jacob lies to Isaac {his dad} and steals the blessing that was supposed to go to his brother Esau – Genesis 27:15-24). Cody was Isaac, and O was Jacob. Isaac can no longer see very well, so Cody took off his glasses, and when he did O kept bending down to make “mud” to put on his eyes and heal him!! It was so funny, and so sweet! I loved that she remembered the story of Jesus healing the blind man with spit and dirt (John 9).

“D, D, Daddy” helps teach the letter “D”
Little brother helps too!

My sweet girl couldn’t make herself lie,
she wanted to heal instead!

On Thursdays Miss M (the little girl I keep during the school year) stays home and gets some quality daddy time since that is her daddy’s day off. My kids were both being a little needy – so we chilled most of the day. We watched movies, and ate fun snacks, read lots and LOTS of books, and just cuddled. We all need those days, to just love on our littles. Let them know they are precious and cherished. That they matter to us more than school, or chores, or paying bills… Some days we just need to  slow down and love them.

On Friday we caught up on our Bible stories, read our devotion, and did a fun activity with the letter D!

We had lots of fun with this sensory activity!

For this project we put shaving cream and food coloring into a gallon sized zipper bag. We mushed it to mix the color into the shaving cream, then we drew the letter “D” in it.

Such a wonderful week. Even if it was a little off, we had fun and were blessed.

God is good, all the time.


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