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Not feeling it…

This week the girl just wasn’t into school. And that is OK.

After being home all summer, her dad returned to work this week. I think that had a lot to do with her attitude and behavior this week. She wasn’t bad, just clingy and needy. I am a daddy’s girl too, so I completely understand. My dad worked shift work when I was little and it was always hard on me when he went back to work (especially nights) after being off his seven days.

We did try, but she just wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t help but laugh when we tried doing our finger play this week (we are on the letter B and learning about Noah). When it was time for us to say the “b” sound in the play she would say “I don’t like that sound!” and for all the “B” animals we would talk about she would say “I don’t like that animal”. Yeah, it was one of those kind of weeks.

Acting out different animals – Octopus.

Acting out Animals – I don’t remember what they were pretending to be here…

Just not in the mood…

It didn’t help that our all-in-one printer broke. So I wasn’t able to make copies or print out pages we needed.

So we decided to go help Daddy in his class room a few days this week.

After being in pre-k for the past 4 years (and Kinder for 4 years before that, and spending 1 year in first after looping up with a class) my husband wasn’t sure how to decorate a computer lab. All his decor was targeted to 4-6 year olds. Over the summer we found some robots that he liked, but once he saw his room, and saw all the wall space he had he began to panic. Have no fear I said to him. This is where my pinterest addiction will com in handy! And it did!

(This is where I got the idea from:

Foam Board – Cut to about 26 inches X 38 inches

Instead of painting the edges, I used black tape.

Twine and Black tape

Loops to hang on the wall

24X36 “Engineer” print (aka Blue Print) from Office Depot (These cost a little more since they were black.)

Finished Project

We tweaked it a little from the original blog that I got the idea from, but we are very pleased with how it turned out. We made 5 altogether, using quotes about technology, educations, and kids.

Week 2 of school may not have gone as planned, but we still had a fantastic week, and will just start a new on Monday 😀


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2 thoughts on “Not feeling it…

  1. Cody Joe on said:

    I’m sorry this week didn’t go as planned, but I was glad you were able to help me at school this week.

  2. Judy Hernandez on said:

    Seeing ‘O’ do her Octopus live and in person was a Joy!! How funny she is, Love her and her imagination!! She and Luke are learning, growing and changing so much! You and Cody are great parents! Love you all!

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