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Our first week of school

We have completed the first week in our “Little Hands to Heaven” guide from Heart of Dakota.

Can you say – LOVE!!

When we originally bought the guide, at the Homeschool Book Fair last May, we just bought the guide (and cd’s). We chose not to get the recommended Bible, or devotional because the girl has several Bibles, and a few devotionals as well. After this week though, I am going ahead and ordering both the recommended Bible and devotional. Not because we “need” them (you can most certainly use what you already have), but just for convenience sake.

O has had so much fun learning and playing this week!

Excited for school!

This week we have studied creation in all sorts of ways!

We have been coloring and painting

We talked about how God made everything when there was nothing just by speaking. We colored with a white crayon (“mommy, I don’t like white – it doesn’t work!) then when we painted over it, you could see the pictures we had drawn!

learning the letter A and it’s sound (by walking on tape), and the number 1.

We walked the dog and ourselves along the letter A making the “a” sound.

We have done finger plays (or as I have been calling it this week “whole body plays”)

Reading the finger play before putting it into practice.

a nature walk looking for colors

We found something GREEN!

and gluing cereal to letter

Glue + O shaped cereal + the letter A = FUN

When I tell people that we are doing school with Olivia, they automatically ask how old she is. (She is tall for her age, so they assume she is older than she is.) When I tell them she is only 3 (and a half!) I can see it in their face (if they are wise enough not to say anything…) they think I am crazy. Or overzealous. Or pushing her. They often say “you need to let her be a kid” or “you should just play with her, school can wait”. People who think or say these things obviously don’t know me… or my child very well.

I am one of the most laid back people you will ever meet. Unfortunately, I am also very scatterbrained. I’m not good at coming up with activities to keep my kids occupied, entertained, or educated. I can look up fun things to do all day long (gotta love Pinterest…), but then I forget about them. I need structure and routine. I’m not good at making it for myself, which is why we started school this week – while my precious was still home and could help me get started.

This is also why I LOVE Heart of Dakota so much. The layout is so easy to follow. My sweet girl is having fun. These are the types of activities she likes doing. We are not sitting around doing worksheets all day. (Something my husband was very adamant about when we were researching curriculum.) And our “schedule” (if you can really call it one) is broken down so that she still gets plenty of play time, mommy time, etc. We seriously spend less than 45 minutes on “school” and that is broken up during the entire day. Sometimes though she will go back and do some of the activities again, on her own, just because she enjoys them! Win-win!!

Sorry if I went off on a little tangent. I don’t like it when people make assumptions. Someone did actually call me an “overzealous homeschooler” this week and it struck a nerve.

The point I really wanted to make on this blog was how great our first week went! How much fun we are having! We are mostly reading and playing – it’s just laid out for me, and tells me exactly what I need to do. Which is EXACTLY what I was looking for and what I needed.  We are thrilled with our decision to go with Heart of Dakota!! I look forward to the weeks ahead. I will continue to post updates of our activities and progress.

Did I mention the best part of all of this?

Spending quality time in Gods word with my daughter each and every morning.


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One thought on “Our first week of school

  1. This is just beautiful! It’s my third go-round with Little Hands and I am having more fun this time because there are no new babies in the house 🙂 It was harder to get it done before. Your little girls is just darling!

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