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I’m not “that” mom

Are you ready for another confession?

I’m not “that” mom.

In fact if you are looking for a blog about being a great wife and mom, about being organized, couponing, crafting, cooking… Keep on looking, because that is not me. As much as I would love to be her – I’m not.

You know the kind women I’m talking about. In fact, maybe you are her. If you are, may God bless you! The mom that is always put together. Hair, clothes, make-up… The mom who plans wonderful meals for her family, and has them ready and on the table when the dear husband gets in from work. The mom who sees awesome crafts on Pinterest and actually recreates them. The mom who is a vital part of the PTA (or is it PTO?). The mom who is a DIYer. Perhaps you are the mom who works outside of the home, and manages the home as well. If you are any one of these, then I salute you! If you are all of them… Well please don’t tell me – I may just cry.

Just kidding… kind of.

You see, I want to be “that” mom. The desire is there. The follow through… not so much.

My hair is wild – there is no hope. Make up, eh… Clothes… sigh. I’ve never been accused of being trendy. (Which is actually quite all right with me! Give me some jeans and a NOTW shirt, and I’m a happy girl!) Getting supper ready before the husband gets home -with a 3 year old “helping” and a (almost) 1 year old getting in the dogs food and water bowl – is not an option. I like the idea of being crafty. There really are some awesome things out there to recreate. Again though, it is the follow through I have issues with. We plan to home school, so I guess I don’t really have to worry about if it is PTA or PTO… The DIYer… yeah, here we go with that follow through again.

I struggle with laziness. It is not something I am proud of. I pray about it daily and seek Gods help. Some people see and do, and I admire you. I see and think, geez that looks like a lot of work and effort.

Sometimes I “blame” it on having two young children. But that is just an excuse. I know it, you know it, let’s just be honest here. I know people with 1, 2, 3…5+ kids at home and are able to accomplish AMAZING things! They cook, clean, sew, make fun crafts with their kids, create cute lunches with the foods made into cute hearts and faces, etc…

However, God has opened my eyes, and used my husband by allowing him to  love me despite my faults, and has used a new translation of the Bible that I LOVE – to guide me so that I’ve learned that yes, part of it is that I am lazy, but another part is – maybe that just isn’t who God created me to be.

While yes, I would love to be one of those women who “Pin” things and actually recreate them – I just pin things in hopes that a family member or friend will be blessed by it. I read blogs and think, I wish I could be an eloquent blogger, and inspire others with my writing, but I can’t even manage to sit down once a month to type some nonsense on this site! And that is OK.

Because God has shown me that I don’t have to be “that” mom. I am the mother and wife that He created me to be. I love my family with every fiber of my being. I love teaching my children about God, and how He loves them so much that He sent His son to die for them. I love encouraging my husband on the good days, and especially on the hard days. I love playing waitress with my little girl. I love chasing my army crawling little boy away from the dogs food and water bowl. I love dancing with my sweet “O” to the tunes of the Go Fish Guys. I love being a VeggieTales Ambassador and sharing the simple truth that “God Made You Special, and He Loves You Very Much” with other young children and their families. I love that my husband and I have a heart for young families, and want to see them thrive in Christ and worship Him together, as a family. I love that God has given us a vision, and we are seeking His guidance in how to bring Him glory through this mission He has placed upon our hearts. I love reading books like “My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife” by Sara Horn and realizing – I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to love God, love my family and trust in Him to guide me each and every day.

Life is not perfect. Life is not easy. It’s hard. It’s messy. It hurts at times. But PRAISE AND GLORY TO MY FATHER IN HEAVEN I have learned that “I can be content in any and every situation through the Anointed One who is my power and strength.” Philippians 4:13 – The Voice

No, I’m not “THAT” mom. But really… who is? Let’s not set unrealistic goals. Let’s not judge and envy. No. Let’s learn to be content. Let’s embrace who God created us to be, and run with it. I’ll never be crafty, and that is ok. I’m enjoying the life God has blessed me with. Glory to my Father in Heaven!


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6 thoughts on “I’m not “that” mom

  1. Amanda,

    I LOVE this post and I’m so glad I found your blog. You totally get it – that we don’t have to be, nor does God intend, for us to be like every other mom or wife. He has given us all unique different abilities and talents and yet He uses all of us for His purposes. I looked for an email address to contact you with, but couldn’t find one, so would you please email me? I’d love to talk with you about something. Blessings, Sara Horn

  2. ramkissoon5 on said:

    AWESOME post Amanda!! It was so refreshing to read what I think a thousand times over & over each day. Some times knowing I’m not the only one dealing/going through these things helps more than you know. Thanks for the reminder that “I can be content in any and every situation through the Anointed One who is my power and strength.” Philippians 4:13 – The Voice!!
    God bless! -Dawn

    • Thank you, Dawn! It is so nice to know that I am not alone as well. There are days when I truly wonder if I am the only one that feels like this. I am so thankful for the work that God is doing in me, and the lessons He is teaching me as well.

  3. Amanda,

    Thanks for posting this. So glad that we can be exactly who God created us to be without pretenses! Unfortunately, we tend to care TOO much about what others think. You mentioned that you weren’t a great blogger, but I after reading this post (which is my first one), I believe you definitely have a gift! While you may not do it as often as you would like (I don’t either…), please continue because you are blessing and encouraging others, namely, ME! Although I don’t know you personally, I feel like I do after reading this! Be blessed!


    • Thank you so much, Christa, for your timely and encouraging words. I am working on a few more blog post – a series all dealing with how God has been teaching me to be content in my circumstances – they are all in my drafts. Hopefully I’ll finish them over the summer, when my husband is home and I can have a little more down time 😀

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