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So much has changed…

Wow, my last post was in April. I just re-read it, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I recalled that night. It seems so long ago. Actually, I had completely forgotten about it. I’m so glad that I wrote about it. It makes me wonder what else I have forgotten about? That makes me sad…

So much has changed since then. We are now officially a family of four! (With two dogs, and one fish…)

My sweet boy was born May 6th. He weighed 7 lb 9 oz and was 20 inches long.

We had some issues at birth. My husband actually wrote a beautiful blog post about that, and I will post it here shortly. Praise the Lord, he is well now, and thriving.

My love, our daughter, has adjusted beautifully!! The transition could not have been smoother. She adores her brother, and loves helping. People often ask me what we did to prepare her for this, and here it is: She went to almost every dr. appointment with us. We made sure to talk about the baby, in a positive way, daily. We explained that our family was growing, we told her this was a good thing. We made it seem as exciting as possible. She went to the ultrasounds, and got to see him on the screen. She got to hear his heartbeat at each appointment. She even (all by herself) started checking the baby’s heartbeat at home, with her toy stethoscope. We bought her a “Big Sister” book to read, and a special “Big Sister” dress to wear to all the “baby parties” (aka, baby showers) we had. Her daddy and I had bought her a present to give to her at the hospital the day he was born, it was “from brother”. We presented it to her like this “look what the baby brought you! He is so excited you are his big sister! You are going to have to teach him about this, because he is little and doesn’t know yet.” The gift was the newest “What’s in the Bible” dvd (#6 I believe) – she loves them!

She is also in a “big girl” bed now! We took the side rail off her crib the first week of June. She goes to bed on her own (after a story, prayer, and lots of kisses of course!) – it really could not have been easier. She has not yet fallen out. She does come to our room just about every night, but one step at a time, right? We are also “potty training”! WOW! Lots of big things happening for our little girl! This too is going way smoother than planned. Once I quit trying to make her go every 20 minutes or so, and just let her hang out on her own in “big girl panties” (no pull-ups for us) she just started going on her own!! AMAZING! This has been going on for about 3 weeks now, and we have traveled, go out and about in town, and have not had any accidents!!!! WHAT?!?! I know, crazy right!

We are also trying to keep a routine going at the house. Two to three days a week we do “school”. We do: Reading (using the “Your Baby Can Read” system and Leap Frog products), Language (Signing Time video – she has been doing this since she was 16 months old), and Math (puzzles with shapes, numbers, patterns, etc.). She LOVES “playing school”! She also enjoys pretend play. She absolutly loves playing with her toy kitchen. She loves dress up. She loves the Go Fish Guys! We even went to see them in concert this summer. Now, if you ask her what she wants to do for her birthday party, she will say “I want a Kick it Old School party with Na-Na-OO-OO”. Um, ok. I can throw a retro party, but getting the Go Fish Guys to come…. um, not so much. I guess we can invite them, what does it hurt, right? 😀

The Boy… is such a joy!! He is so happy! Always smiling, laughing, playing with his feet. He is rolling over already, and absolutely LOVES his sister and daddy. Nothing makes my heart more happy than seeing how his face lights up the moment he sees and hears his dad come in from work.

So yes, our lives have changed a lot since April. Each day is a joy and a blessing. Thank you God, for these things.


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