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Heart Shaped Daggers

2:36 am (yes, AM) it starts… “daddy… daddy… Daddy… DADDY”

Ah yes, the little voice down the hall. Of course her daddy doesn’t hear her, so I hit him (yes, I hit him – I really don’t handle lack-of-sleep well) and say “your daughter is calling you”. So off he goes down the hall. — Now normally we have a rule: before 3 am, she has to lay back down in her bed, after 3, well we get up in a little while anyway, so toss her in bed with us, so we can all get some sleep. I guess My Precious decided to round up the time today.

As he is carrying her back to our room I can hear her talking… not sleepily either. Full blown “chatty-Cathy” mode. “That’s not good” I think to myself. And sure enough, as soon as she gets in bed she sits up and starts talking. “Mommy up” – um, no child, lay down! “Mommy, Gia and Wo-Wo?” – Gia and Wo-Wo are asleep like normal people, now lay down and go to sleep.

Time passes (insert chatty conversations, flips, crawling on me…), it’s now in the 3:30 range… “Mommy, water?” – Mommy doesn’t have any water… GO TO SLEEP! “Mommy, thirsty, water please” – Mommy doesn’t have any water, ask your daddy. “No mommy, water” – Your daddy has water, wake him up and ask him. “Mommy wake up daddy” – Sigh (shake the sleeping husband) YOUR CHILD wants some water.  (I’m really not a nice person when I don’t get to sleep.) So he gives her some of his water he keeps by the bed. “Thank you daddy”. (Aw, at least she is nice and using manners, unlike her mommy.)

It is now after 4… AM… “Mommy, milk?” – No, no milk, would you like some more water? “Yes, please”. (Maybe I should take notes from the 2 year old…) So I gently nudge the sleeping husband again, “can she have more water?” He gets her more water. Then the dogs bark and want outside, so he goes to let them out.

Do you notice what step is missing from him giving her the cup of water, to him taking out the dogs??? You guessed it! He did not take the cup back. (I think you see where this is headed.)

More talking and flips, and crawling to the foot of the bed (it is now later in the 4 o’clock hour) she finally lays down and seems to be settling down. Sigh. I reach down to make sure she is safe (she is laying with her head towards our feet, but in the middle of the bed) and realize she is between the sheet and the comforter. Sigh. So I nudge the sleeping husband (again) and ask him (as kindly as I can at almost 5 in the morning, remember this started at 2:36!) to please help me move our child. When he does, he ask me why her back is all wet… What?? Wet??? So I reach for her diaper, nope-no leaks. Then I feel her back and it is soaking wet. That is when we realize she was playing with the cup. So now the bed is wet, our child is wet, and we are all awake. I get a towel, too tired to change the sheets, and My Precious gets her some clean pajamas and changes her. (He really is a great dad, even if he slept through most of the excitement of last night…)

It is now after 5… “Mommy, up?” – No, we are not getting up, please go to sleep. I feel her moving around again, (I am facing away from her, thinking that if I ignore her, she will go to sleep… HA!) then the bed starts bouncing. “Mommy, JUMP!” – NO! No jump, GO TO SLEEP! (Keep in mind, our child is JUMPING in our bed, she is in the middle between my beloved and me and HE IS STILL ASLEEP!!)

More rolling, flips, and climbing. Oh and did I mention that she stuck her fingers up my nose, and her toes somehow ended up in my ear?? Yeah, that’s the kind of night I had. All while he slept… But he’s not all bad, he did help out when I asked. And I love and appreciate him greatly! As much as I complain about him sleeping through it all last night, he knows it is all in fun, and in love.

After all, while he was sleeping, (and I was being attacked by the two year old) I was shooting daggers at him (as he lay there peacefully, blissfully unaware) but they were heart shaped daggers. 😀


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