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A simple introduction

I thought I should share a few small tid-bits about myself and my family.

Me: I am a stay-at-home-mom to a wonderful little girl. I am also a wife, a daughter, and a child of God. I am an only child, so I love watching siblings interact together, it truly fascinates me. I am married to my best friend. The one that God created just for me. We started dating when I was a sophomore in high school, he was a freshman in college. We met in the youth group of our church. Our first “date” was grocery shopping together. I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I grew up in church, and with a wonderful group of family and friends that set a great example of what being a follower of Christ was all about. I’m not perfect, and don’t pretend to be, but I’m trying to live as I feel God wants me to.

The husband – I often refer to him as “my precious” and yes, I get some flack about it because apparently it is a phrase from some popular movie trilogy – I’ve never seen it, and don’t intend to (I’m not a big movie buff) – it is actually short for “my precious gift from God” a line from our wedding vows. Anyway… The husband is a teacher, and also works in the childrens ministry of our church. He is a wonderful man of God, supportive of me, an amazing daddy (I don’t think there is anything I love more than watching him with our daughter – just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes). He enjoys movies, and his Xbox – but doesn’t get to spend too much time with either, since I don’t care for movies, and his Xbox suffered from the “red-ring-of-death” (if any men stumble across this blog, I’m sure they just let out a loud groan of mourning for my husband).

Number 1 – Our sweet blessing. Our daughter is 2, and is truly a great joy to us! She is our little miracle, we prayed for her for a long time before God chose to bless us by placing her in our lives. However looking back, it is easy to see that God’s plan, and His timing was much better than ours would have been – but that is another blog, for another day. Number 1 loves the following: pretend play with her kitchen, and baby dolls. What’s in the Bible, Veggie Tales, Signing Time (she has a signing vocabulary of about 300 words, and knows how/when to use them), Dog and Ant (aka – Word World)Leap Frog, and Go Fish. These are the only things she watches on T.V. – all on DVD so we can limit how much she watches during the day. She prefers books to just about anything else! (I may compile a list of her favorites – with links on another blog.) We read all day long! She knows her letters, and most of the sounds they make. She knows her numbers 1-10. She sleeps with books, and her Leap Frog pal – Violet. (Note: I realize this is a lot of links, and no – I am not paid to promote these items/brands, I am simply making it easier for you, if you chose to look into them yourself.) Number 1 also has absolutely NO interest in potty training.

Number 2 – Isn’t here yet. Our son is due in May!! We are very busy getting things ready for him. We can’t wait to meet our newest blessing God has created for us.


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