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My morning routine – a Mommy’s Club Review

Hi friends! I’m going to slowly, but surely post reviews of all the Mommy’s Club products. Today, I thought I would start with 3 amazing products that have helped me develop a morning face cleansing routine.

I’ve never been very consistent with anything. Especially when it comes to taking care of my face. It’s not for my mothers lack of trying to teach me good habits either. I’ve made it very well known that I struggle with laziness. However, I have come to love these products so much that I look forward to taking care of my face – crazyness!!

I’ve made the Mommy’s Club Daily Cleansing Foam, Perfect Touch Sanitizer, and Lavender Body Lotion a part of my morning (and night) routine.

Daily Cleansing Foam

I love that the Daily Cleansing Foam is a no-rinse formula! It makes it easy to use in the mornings – I just hop up and scrub my face. One small pump of this amazing foam, and scrub-a-dub — my face feels so clean and fresh! It also leaves it feeling soft and smooth thanks to the fact that it includes a hypoallergenic skin moisturizer and promotes cell replenishment. Plus it is made with organic, EcoCert & toxic-free ingredients! I can’t find anything negative to say about this product. I also keep a bottle of it in the shower, and use it as my body wash. I think that part of my problem all these years with making myself was my face daily was that I absolutely HATE the feel of water dripping on me. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way? You know in the facial cleanser commercials when the girls scrub their face and then splash their faces with water… ugh! Just the thought of that makes my whole body shiver. Yes – it is that bad, lol! Not anymore though, thanks to the Daily Cleansing foam from Mommy’s Club!

Perfect Touch Sanitizer

Next, after my face is clean and smooth, I spritz the Perfect Touch Sanitizer on my face. Why? Because it is an amazing product! It is 100% toxic free, it does not dry out your skin, and it’s unique ingredients help make it effective against bacteria and viruses. So instead of a toner that is filled with all kinds of harsh chemicals that I don’t want seeping into my blood stream, I think this makes a really awesome alternative. I hold the bottle several inches from my face and just spritz a few times on my face. I do not wipe it away, or rub it in. I just let it dry. (It only takes a minute or so – so I use this time to brush my teeth.) Our Perfect Touch Sanitizer is available in two sizes: 1 ounce, and  4 ounce.

Baby Lotion

Finally, I use the Lavender Body Lotion as my daily moisturizer. This lotion is amazing! Great smell, and leaves your skin feeling fantastic! It is “made with organic, EcoCert & toxic-free ingredients with all natural calming lavender. This lotion works great for the whole family, but is gentle enough for a baby. The unique combination of ingredients and essential oils are nourishing for all skin types, even sensitive skin.” My whole family uses this product, but I have made a point to use it in my daily morning routine as my facial moisturizer.

My skin has truly never looked or felt better. I’ve used many products over the years (in a wide price range) – but I feel like this is the best choice I’ve ever made. I love the results – clean, smooth skin. People are asking me what I’m using! That speaks volumes for a product when people notice a difference in you. Plus my family is seeking to make our home a “Healthy Home” free of toxic chemicals and I know that I can trust Mommy’s Club to help us accomplish this goal.

I am a pro-rep for Mommy’s Club – if you would like to see what we are all about, or have questions about these or other products available through Mommy’s Club please click on any of the links, or pictures, and you will be sent to my personal site. Mommy’s Club offers great information on making your home a healthy home. As our company continues to grow each day, we are releasing new information – so please check our site often. If our mission of “Making The Home A Healthier Place To Raise Your Family” strikes a cord with you, let me know! I would love for you to join my team!

Be sure to check my blog again in a few days, as I am also working on a post reviewing our Lavender Shampoo and our Rash and Remedy Skin Relief.

Father help me…. She wants to be just like me.

I sit here writing today with a broken heart.

My little girl wants to be just like me.

Some may ask “Why does that break your heart?” Some would probably love for their little girl to want to be like them.

But I know my heart. I know that I am a sinner in need of a Savior.

She loves everything about me. She cried when I cut my hair, because then we didn’t look alike anymore, and my hair wouldn’t be long like Repunzels.

This morning she told me that we need to find the same clothes so we can match.

She love me. She adores me. As I love and adore her.

This though, is what truly breaks my heart…

“Mommy, when I get older will I have a big tummy like you?”
“Mommy, I can’t wait to grow up so my tummy will be big like yours!”

She says things like this all the time. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. She is not calling me fat. She thinks I am beautiful, and she wants to be just like me.

Oh sweet baby girl, I pray that weight is not something you struggle with as you get older.
Sweet girl, this is why I am trying to teach you good eating habits now, while trying to break my bad habits at the same time.
My love, I don’t let you have a bunch of junk because I love you too much to do that to you.
Baby, I know that life is hard. You will have struggles. But if weight and food/sugar addiction is one thing I can protect you from in this world, then I will do everything in my power to do so.

It it this though, that has finally broken me to a point that I know I have to get my struggle under control.

Father, please help me! I cannot do this on my own. I come to you broken and begging for help. I have trashed this temple you have blessed me with. I have sinned. Help me to break my addiction to food. Help me to cling to you during times of distress, and not let my emotions lead me to the fridge, or pantry. Help me to lean on you as my body goes through detox, because Lord, I’m serious this time. I want to be a role model for a little precious girl that You have gifted to me. Lord, she wants to be just like me, and I want to lead her to you. I want to be able to enjoy these blessings you have given to me. I want to be so lost in You, Jesus, that they can’t help but see you when they see me. I want them to know that my identity is in Christ. I am confident of who I am in Him. What I see in the mirror may not bother me (a whole lot… I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me at all), but it is not healthy. It is not something that my daughter should want for herself. So please Lord, help me, motivate me, and move me to be someone worth looking up to. Amen.


Me and O

Pulling Back The Shades – a book launch

Launch Announce

Well, friends, I’ve been selected for another book launch! I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce you to the book: “Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart” written by Dr. Juli Slattery and Dannah K. Gresh.

Allow me to begin this post by saying why I applied for this launch team. Quite frankly – I see the danger in what is becoming known as “mommy porn”. We’ve all heard about that book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. It has become a phenomenon.

Allow me to share some “Fifty Shades” facts with you:
- 70 Million copies sold in the US so far.
- Fastest selling paperback book EVER.
- It has been translated into over 50 languages.
- Was #1 on the NYT bestseller list for 30 weeks.
- The film rights were purchased by Universal for $5 million.
Quote from Business Insider:
“The 50 Shades craze has transformed the way women consume porn with the book becoming the first to sell more than 1 million copies on the Amazon Kindle.”

Here is one more fact: I have not read it. You may say that since I have not read it, I cannot speak about it. And I will not speak about the book itself. However my heart breaks for the women – young and old – who are getting drawn into this genre called “erotica”.

It’s time to be real. You see, I believe that sex is a gift from God. He designed it. He created it. He blessed it. I believe that sex – between a married man and woman – is beautiful. I hate that our world makes it cheap, and sleazy. So counter to what God intended for it to be. However I also understand the desire to escape. To get lost in a good work of fiction. To become the heroine and live through her adventures. I do not doubt for a moment that I could get drawn into this particular genre, enjoy it, and say “oh it’s just a book”. Which is exactly why I chose to stay away. You see, several years ago, when my daughter was a baby, I felt convicted about the books I was choosing to read. I was close to making the leap from “romance” to “erotica”. I felt God press upon my heart a question – “Would you want your daughter to read this? Remember, you are my daughter.” So that very day I tossed out every book that I would not want my girl reading.

When “Fifty Shades of Grey” was making big head lines, Dannah Gresh posted on her blog that she was not going to be reading the book. I loved her post because it reflected what was on my heart as well. I knew that it would be harmful to me and to my marriage.

However as I have seen how the craze started by this book has snowballed, my heart has continued to break for those that are falling for this trap. For what Satan is doing to the hearts of women everywhere. Because, truly I understand! We are women. We have desires, longings, needs. I get it. When those desires, longings, needs are not being met in our relationships we are tempted with the desire to look elsewhere. To a book, or movie. Sadly, some look to the arms of another. This is heartbreaking. This is not what God wants for us.

I have wonderful news for you!!

Pulling Back The Shades” is here to help.

The book offers practical advice for women to address five core longings:

  • to be cherished by a man
  • to be protected by a strong man
  • to rescue a man
  • to be sexually alive
  • to escape reality

God designed women with these longings and has a plan to satisfy them.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks, as we await the official launch of “Pulling Back the Shades” on March 1st! Mark your calendars. It’s going to be a big day. In the mean time, I’ll post some links for you to look at. And if you will, would you please pray. Pray for the hearts of women, pray for a revival in our churches. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Pray for the book, the authors, those of us on the launch team. Pray about how you could be affected by this book.

To learn more about “Pulling Back The Shades” and pre-order the book CLICK HERE.
Authentic Intamacy
Pure Freedom
Secret Keeper Girl

Valentines meal for under $10?

I recently read something on facebook that caused me to remember this “note” I had written several years ago. Perhaps because I need the motivation to get going on our debt snowball again, or perhaps it’s another lesson in discipline. Whatever the reason, I thought I’d share the note here. Also, I wonder if my husband is up for the challenge again? :D Enjoy!

February 15, 2009 at 9:05am

Valentines Meal For Under $10??

Yes, it can be done!! Those who know us really well know that Cody and I are doing our best to kick debt’s butt! We’ve been doing a great job too, but I’ll save those details for another note, for another day.

Anyway, we decided to challenge ourselves not to go out to eat for an entire month, instead sending the money we normally would have budgeted for out to eat, to debt. Which means… no going anywhere for Valentines Day.

We were still able to have a very nice meal. Steak, salad, baked potato, rolls… same thing we would have gone out and gotten.

Granted, Cody and I are not huge steak connoisseur’s, which means we did not buy huge chunks of expensive steak. Plus, we have a bad habit of over cooking them and making them slightly tough, so we don’t spend too much money on them. LOL! Which is why we normally go out to get them….

Anyway, here is a break down of our meal, and the money we saved doing it at home.
- Steak (eye of round) 2 for $4.60 (a cheap steak can be GREAT if seasoned and cooked properly – the food network taught me that!)
- Salad – 3.18 (now let me interrupt to say that I LOVE SALAD. Normally I spend about $25 just on salad stuff alone, but since we are saving money, I cheated and bought the bag kind, choosing a nice “spring mix” of lettuces).
- Baked potatoes $2.50
- Rolls 5.00 (the kind that come frozen, but you have to set them out to rise…)

Yes, I realize that that comes to $19.88 but hear me out…

- Steak $4.60 for TWO
- We only used about 1/3 of the bagged salad – $1.06
- A bag of potatoes come with about 10 in them making them $0.25 each so for 2 = $0.50
- We used 8 of the 32 rolls in the bag (5/32=.14*8=$1.12)

So let’s re-add everything… 4.6+1.06+.5+1.2=$7.36

So we had a very nice, romantic Valentines dinner at home for less than $10!! Yea us! I may never go out to eat again….. well, let not get carried away here. LOL! Plus we saved on gas money too!!

*disclaimer* we already had the “fixings” for the salad and potatoes here at the house, because those are “staples” that we keep stocked at all times.

** I would also like to note that Cody did an AMAZING job cooking the steaks, those were some of the best steaks I have EVER ate!!

Well that didn’t take long.


“Name your year” – they said.

“You’ll be amazed at what God will show you” – they said.

Well, God must have some big plans for me this year, because it sure didn’t take long for me to get my first lesson in discipline. Ouch.

I don’t handle correction well. I am very tender hearted. This was difficult. It was hard. It made me angry. It hurt (emotionally) and made me cry. But it was necessary.

I’m trying to not let the anger take root. I’m trying to take the lesson to heart.

God, help me! Because I want to be angry. I didn’t like the correction. It discouraged me. It made me feel like a failure, and You know I already struggle with that. But IF I can get past my emotions, I CAN see that it was necessary (and ‘maybe’ not meant to be quite as harsh as I took it to be). That I have been failing in this particular area. That I needed a wake up call. If I will stop throwing my pity party long enough I can hear You say “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” (Hebrews 12:11 NIV) - So God, I will praise you for this discipline. I know that you have great plans for me. I just need to stop getting in the way. Help me be trained by this discipline. I want it to produce an harvest of righteousness and peace for me. Help me see the good you have in store through this. Because God, You are in this. And you are good.

Scripture Hebrews 1211

About our scripture memorization project:

I am in week 2 of my scripture memorization project. This is the text I sent to my recitation partner “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! THIS WEEKS VERSE IS GOING TO BE THE END OF ME!!!!”

Week one was easy, my husband was home for the majority of it, so we would quiz each other through out the day. We would go back and forth one word at a time. We would make up raps (don’t ask ask us to preform for you) and we made it fun. Now he is back to work, and we are tired in the evenings. Excuses, I know. But this week is taking a bit more… DISCIPLINE. God obviously had a plan when He laid that word upon my heart.

I do love how God works things out though. Just yesterday at church our pastor started a new sermon series title “Victory” and guess what book we will be studying… ROMANS!

God sees the big picture, friends. We don’t have to know His plans, we just have to trust and follow.

Mommy’s Club

Did You Know?

God has presented me with another opportunity to reach others with something I am passionate about! Remember, earlier in the year, when I hosted my Healthy Child Healthy World party? It was a great event, and well received by friends. I got to share my heart about toxic chemicals, and GMO’s and the dangers they present to our families.

Now, I get to be a part of Mommy’s Club!

What is Mommy’s Club?

It is a Member Buying Club offering members Organic, All-Natural, Toxic Free products – that are better than retail – at retail competitive pricing, that rewards you for recommending Mommy’s Club products to your friends.

Are they affordable? Yes

Are they REALLY Toxic-Free? Yes, & certified

Are they made in the USA? Yes

Do I HAVE to purchase them every month? No, but we have a handy autoship option to things easier for you, if you so choose.

Are there only baby products right now? No, adult products as well!

Is it like Costco or Sam’s Club in terms of being membership based? YES!

Is there free shipping? YES, on ALL orders over $50

Can I just be a customer and try them out? Absolutely!

Where can I look at more info about the products?

Friends, family, strangers who happen upon my blog – I am so excited about this company. You WILL be hearing much more about it on my blog in the months to come. I’ve always been a dreamer. I get fired up about things that I hold near and dear to my heart. This is dear to me for the following reasons:
- Making my home a safe place to raise our family. Our world is full or toxic chemicals. In fact, babies are exposed to these in their mothers womb. No matter how hard we try to stay away from anything unhealthy during pregnancy. Trying to figure out answers to our own health issues is what lead me on this toxic free mission to begin with.
- Providing a supplemental income, to help alleviate some stress from my husband. Being a SAHM is a blessing, but it comes at a price. A price we joyfully pay. But it would be nice to get our debt snow ball back rolling. To have a fully funded emergency fund. To have a savings account. To pay off our home early. I don’t crave material things, I am content. But it would be nice to have a cushion. To not have to plan, and budget and save just to buy new sheets.
- I love supporting other SAHMs – I have friends who sell all sorts of things: jewelry, make up and beauty products, candles/burners/wax, bags and totes, essential oils… The list goes on. I love supporting them (as I can), because in doing so, I am helping a mom support her family. I am helping pay for dance lessons, sports uniforms, a dream vacation. I am helping someone I know and love. Of course, I’ve been approached about joining their teams. I’ve thought and prayed about it, but never felt led in that direction. I am passionate about supporting my friends, and now, I have found my spot. My place to be a SAHM and provide for my family. A place where I can provide dance lessons, sports uniforms, and dream vacations by doing I am passionate about.


I’ve found my passion. Toxic Free Living. It is a big challenge in the world we live in. But I am determined to make the small steps necessary for change. We began this journey over a year ago, by getting more cautious about the foods we were eating. Then we started watching what we were exposing ourselves to in the products we use day-to-day. NOW, we are part of a club that will make things easier for us. Toxic-Free. All-Natural. nonGMO. All words that make my heart happy. If I can earn points, or cash to help with expenses, that’s even better. I hope you will take a few moments to check us out. I know you will love what you see.

31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge

October and November were months that brought me to my knees in prayer. My husband was having some health issues and I was worried about him. I spent much time in prayer for his health and well being. For answers, and help. God was good, and my husband is much better now. However during that time, I realized I don’t really pray for him as often as I should. Yes, I am thankful for him, and I tell God that, but how often do I spend time intentionally praying specific prayers for him? That thought brought me up short, and brought me to tears.

I spent time discussing this at length with a dear friend, who had recently began a daily praying for your husband routine. That thought interested me. I drive my husband to work everyday, so I began sitting in the parking lot after he got out of the car and went inside, praying out loud for him, his job, his day…  Then the holiday season came upon us, and life got busy, my family got sick for almost a full month (gotta love passing germs around…). THEN one evening on Facebook (just this past week) I came across a post talking about a 31 day challenge for praying for your spouse.

31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge - Pinterest 4x6

YES! This was exactly what I needed! I emailed Ashley and told her I was interested, and would like to promote this event on my blog. Unfortunatly, I am horrible at follow through (I must discipline myself in this area!) so I am just doing it today.

Here are the details for 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge:

The Goal?
To have over 5,000 individuals praying for their spouses each day in January!


Because I know the power that prayer can have, and I’ve seen it change my marriage in ways I never thought possible. When God is in the equation, all things are possible!


  • Daily Email – Go HERE to sign up for the daily emails!
  • Daily Check-In: If you’re on Facebook, there will be a link in each days’ email that you can click to access the “check in” post – leave a comment or just “like” the post to let us know you’ve prayed that day.
    (Not on Facebook? Feel free to hit “reply” to the daily email and let me know you’ve prayed that day!)
  • Extra Encouragement: This challenge is based off the eBook, 31 Days to Build a Better Spouse [building up your spouse through the power of prayer]. Grab a copy and read each prayer’s corresponding devotional as you go through the challenge.Complete with Scripture and thoughts to encourage you, this eBook will enhance your experience and encourage you as you lift your spouse up in prayer!

 What do you say? Are you in?

I am. Join me.

31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge - Newsletter Header

Naming my year – 2014

This year I did something special on Black Friday. I went with my dear friend and her sweet mother-in-law (who is also my dear friend) on their annual shopping trip to the Galleria. We had a great time casually browsing through the stores. No lines, no crazies, no mobs… it really was a pleasant experience. We got their shortly after 9:00 a.m., a late start for most BF shoppers, but we didn’t really have an agenda (besides finding the perfect socks, and a trip to the American Girl store).

During lunch, my friend Stephanie, challenged her daughter-in-law and me to seriously pray about naming our year. I told her I had been toying with the idea, and had some words in mind. She told us her story (she does a beautiful job explaining naming your year), and how God had worked in mighty ways through her 2013 – year of Ready. She told us we could do Google hangouts and hold each other accountable for our goals…

BF with my gal pals

Her excitement rubbed off on me. I couldn’t help but feel like this was God continuing to nudge me, as the idea had already been planted in my mind.

I spent much of December in prayer and in searching through the scriptures trying to find something that went along with my word I was thinking of. I had it narrowed down to 2 words. But I really wanted one thing to focus one. After much prayer I have finally made my decision.

2014 – The Year of…


Proverbs 23:12 (NASB)
“Apply your heart to discipline
And your ears to words of knowledge.”

I need discipline. I lack self control. I am lazy. I need God to break me free of this.

The Bible says in Proverbs 5:23 (The Voice)
“Because they have no discipline, their spirits die and their bodies will soon follow; because they are immensely foolish, they wander lost and confused.”

There is much I struggle with and I am tired of wandering “lost and confused”. I am finally ready to lay it all down before God, and allow Him to break me. Mold me. Make me who He created me to be. I’m not fighting against Him anymore. I am ready for His discipline, because I know He disciplines those He loves. (Proverbs 3:12)

Discipline is not just a rebuke, or to be corrected. I need discipline in order to manage my home. I need the discipline of self-control in my eating habits. I need discipline to memorize scripture and to work on my Bible studies…

My sweet friend Stephanie also challenged me to join her in Scripture memory. In 2013 she focused on memorizing the Sermon on the Mount! I’ve been wanting to work on memorizing scripture, so I fell in love with this idea and the method she used for doing it. So I looked to see what all memorization projects Ann Voskamp had on her blog and asked my husband if he would join me. We looked over the options together, and decided we want to tackle Romans this year.

We are making our booklets, and beginning our scripture memorization journey TONIGHT!

Romans Project 3

Romans Project

Romans Project 2

If you read this, and then see us, please ask us how we are doing. Ask us to tell you what we have learned. Help hold us accountable. We need it! We need all the accountability and encouragement we can get.

So what about you? What does God have in store for you this year? Have you considered naming your year? There are lots of blogs about it. One of my favorites can be found here. Also, my “friend” ;) Sara Horn discusses her choice here.

Complaining prevents Thanksgiving

As we prepared for Thanksgiving celebrations this year I was overwhelmed by the amount of complaining I was hearing from so many people! (Myself included.)

“Ugh, I have to get my house ready for all these people we have coming over.”

“I have so much I have to do to feed all our family.”

“We will be on the road for hours to get where we are going.”

“Look at this menu! So much food to make.”


I’m guilty too.

A few weeks ago, as I was listening to people discuss their Thanksgiving plans, it occurred to me that they didn’t realize they were doing the opposite of what we are supposed to be celebrating. These wonderful friends of mine didn’t realize they were complaining. Just as I often say things with out realizing how they sound. As this occurred to me, my heart broke.

I began thinking of how I, personally, could be intentional about how I word things.

“Thank you God, for this home. For the opportunity to open it up and welcome others in. May they see You in our words and actions as we are gathered together in Thanksgiving.”

“Thank you God, for our stuff. It is not necessary, it is a blessing. I may not enjoy picking up and putting up over and over each day, but it is a constant reminder of our abundance. Thank you.”

“Thank you Father, for always providing. Thank you that I am able to purchase so many groceries and can provide a great meal for our family. There are so many out there that do not have this luxury. Please be with those who will go hungry, who will get their meals from shelters, or food pantries. Thank you for our local food pantry, for those who make donations, and those who volunteer. For those, like our family, who will be sharing a great meal together, I thank you, and ask that you bless our meal and our time together. Thank you for this blessing. May we not take food or family for granted.”

“Father, please keep us safe as we travel. May our time in the car be a blessing. May we rejoice in the fact that we have a safe vehicle to travel in. Thank you for making sure we have money for gas. Thank you that we have family that will welcome us with open arms. Thank you for the love and gift of family.”

I am not perfect. I often find myself grumbling instead of offering thanksgiving. However, now that God has revealed that to me, I know that I can ask Him to help me be intentional about my words and thoughts. Will I stop grumbling and complaining? No, not completely. But I can be more aware of what I say and think. I can ask for forgiveness. I can change my ways.

One of my mentors shared this: “When we complain we are saying to God that He is not providing.” God is our great provider. Instead of complaining about the rain, we should thank Him for knowing that our lands need water and for providing it. The same is true when we grumble about the little things in life. I hate doing laundry, instead of complaining I should be giving thanks for having clothes to wear. Thankful for a husband and children who also have an abundance of clothing. Thankful for a washer and dryer that work, so that I do not have to wash them by hand. Thankful for water, and soap. Electricity that makes them work. Instead of complaining about the dishes, I should give thanks to God for the food we have. For the family to share it with. For the dishwasher, water, soap and electricity. When my children are loud, and wild, I need to be thankful for the gift of motherhood. To pray for those that yearn for this job, and for what ever reason are unable to bear children at this time.  So many things I choose to complain about… Father forgive me. Help me to find the joy in each circumstance.

Is it really better?

I read an article last week.

I sighed when I saw the title: “I’m not a bad mom because I feed my child conventional and GMO foods.

I sighed because I get so tired of the “mommy wars” – the way we make each other feel insecure because we choose one thing over the other, we become prideful and boastful. We belittle others who choose differently for their families…

I read the article, which is a good article for setting some facts straight about some common misconceptions on organic food. However there was one thing that I just did not agree with.

I’ll start off with the things I agree with in the article.

1) No one is a bad parent because they feed their kids conventional or GMO food – We eat our fair share (my kids live off of Cheerios, lol)

2) Yes there are “myths” about organic food – however, anyone that is looking into making the change should be doing their own research about the topic, thus finding out the truth for themselves. I appreciate her setting things straight.

3) YES!! By all means PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS!! We are huge supporters of our local farmers market. YES! Plant gardens with your kids and let them learn where their food comes from. The best thing we can do for ourselves, not just our kids, is to eat a wide variety of real foods.

Ok, now for the thing I disagree with. Which really boils down to whether or not organic is better for you. This is a personal opinion. It depends on your convictions.  

From what I have read, it is true that the nutritional value of both foods are pretty much the same. However it depends on your sources. I’ve read articles that say yes, and some that say no.

As far as whether or not organic is better for you, I guess it would depend on what exactly you are looking for. We’ve established that the nutrition value is about the same. But what about toxins? Yes, organic food is often treated with pesticides but from this article that I read it is stated that a “Stanford study did reveal that organic produce is 30 percent less likely to be contaminated with pesticides than conventional fruits and vegetables” also note that “They revealed that there were lower levels of pesticide residues in the urine of children on organic diets, though both organic and conventional diet levels of urinary pesticides were in the allowable safety limits.”

Um… Allowable safety limits??!?!? I like what I read in this article – a quote from Dr. Michelle Hauser (a certified chef, nutrition educator, and clinical fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School) “Just because these foods aren’t going over what they call an ‘acceptable limit’ doesn’t mean they’re safe for everyone”.

There needs to be more research. But personally, I don’t want to be their guinea pig.

To be completely honest, I’m more concerned about GMO’s than I am on whether or not the food I eat is organic. Granted, eating organic does help limit my intake of GMO’s. If you are unfamiliar with Genetically Modified Organisms please read this, then proceed to do as much research as you can to inform yourself.

I have to say, that for myself, I do feel guilt every time my family eats something that I know has GMO’s in it. Because I have done my research, and unfortunately, once you learn something you cannot unlearn it. (Sorry Yoda, you can’t always unlearn what you have learned.)

However eating organic does not ensure that you are eating GMO free. (Click here for more details)

So no, family, friends, strangers. You are not a bad parent for feeding your kids conventional or GMO food. You are not a bad parent if you send your kids to public school. You are not a bad parent if you gave your sweet baby formula. We all have convictions. What God lays on my heart may not be what He lays on your heart. What works for my family, may not work for yours. None of us are bad, just different. All sinners in need of grace. In need of a Savior. Pray and seek God’s direction in all your parenting decisions. Allow His Holy Spirit to lead you. It is ok for us to all be different in how we raise our families.

It is not ok to become prideful - Proverbs 11:2 ESV “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”
Or boastful - James 4:16 ESV “As it is, you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.”
Or to bash each other because we are different - Romans 12:3 ESV “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.”

I am just a sinner saved by grace through faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am trying to do the best I can as a wife and mother in this fallen world. I am depending on God to get me through each and every day. We are taking baby steps to do what we feel led to do as a family. Whether that is eating more organic, less GMO’s, ridding our home of toxins, homeschooling, breastfeeding, etc. It is what is we feel led to do. What is God calling you to do? Have you turned it over to Him?

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